* Duration: 10 Minutes
* Calorie Burn: 68-98
* Difficulty: 3/5
* Equipment: Mat, Physio-Ball
* Training Type: Toning

The inner thigh is a common trouble spot for many people, as not only is it a typical area for the body to deposit extra fat content, but it is also an area of the body that is used relatively infrequently in everyday life activities.

The good news is that incorporating total body strength training and toning along with cardio and a proper diet,you can reduce overall body fat, and in doing so, lean out the thighs. It is very important to realize that you can’t spot reduce fat from anywhere on the body – including the inner thighs.

This routine will help with toning and shaping the legs to be firm and sculpted to exactly what you want. Though this routine is only 10 minutes in length you will definitely feel the burn of this simple yet effective inner thigh workout. For just a little bit of a tone up, use this routine 2-3 times per week. However if you are starting from scratch (or you have not been active for a while) then you may need to bump up the intensity to get results faster.

For a major overhaul try working up to doing this video twice a day, four day a week until those legs are firm and sculpted.

Remember that you need to work on dropping excess fat content and building lean muscle as well, otherwise you will struggle to lean out the lower body.

The following is a breakdown of what each exercise does and how it effects the rest of the body.

1. Inner Thigh W’s: This motion tones the insides of both legs as well as the core and butt. It also targets multiple ranges of motion that are not commonly hit in just one exercise.

2. Ski Squat + Alternating Raises: While the Ski Squat tones the butt, quadriceps, and hamstring the heel lift across the opposite leg targets the inside thigh.

3. Scissor Kicks: This is a great exercise for this specific area that also targets the top of the thighs (quadriceps) and the abdominal muscles.

4. PhysioBall Squeeze: This squeezing motion is all inner thigh and you don’t even need a physioball; you can easily use a towel folded over a few times or a yoga block to squeeze.

5. Squat Jacks: This is a rough exercise that targets the inner and outer muscles as well as heavily targeting the butt, hamstring and quadriceps.

6. Alternating Plank Rotation Kicks: Though this motion primarily targeting the abdominals and obliques the side leg kick targets the inside of the thighs and hip flexors.

7. Inside Leg Lifts: This is a great isolation exercise that directly targets the area you are trying to troubleshoot. You can make this exercise harder with ankle weights.

8. Single Leg Lateral Hops: Another great exercise for the entire leg this motion also is a heavy hitter to specifically the inner and outer thigh.

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