Standing on the edge
High winds beat at my heart
Taking me aback yet holding me in place
On this narrow ledge, this cliff
Off of which lies nothing

Nothing but blues and greens
And darks and dreams
And waters so deep
So daunting so desolate Filled with screams and hopes for death and beyond

The most enticing void

Looming behind me, Tugging at my heart
Lies light and good
And faith and truth
stability and flowers and daydreams
and perfume…
all calling for me
begging me to stay

looking ahead at all that beckons I hear it
the most dangerous most foreboding song ever sung feelings of nostalgia hold fast
daring me to be ever so bold as to sing along as I once sung
to take just one step

I feel the warmth from behind
Breathing down my neck Calling me to safety

I hesitate

I take a step back

In that moment I feel it Venom and ice creeping subtly up my veins
I turn back to the void

I am not alone

Looming before me,
With wings and feathers black as my heart
An angel of death
My saviour
My Valkyrie

He takes my hands in his, and all that was before him is no more,
as I stare deep into his eyes silver as the moon.

Swooping in as graceful as the wind
He pulls me close to his hollow chest
And whispers
“Come back to me”

And I step forward

Maretsuki Marx


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