It is not often that you see stars and celebrities go back to school, simply because they are always packed with a ton of agendas to complete every day. But that certainly hasn’t stopped a few who have gone on, not only to complete their basic education but study even further! Here are a few stars who went back to school after becoming famous.

Shaquille O’Neal

It was in school when Shaquille attracted recruiters from Lousiana State University, where he went on to study later. His sheer dominance in the sport saw him quickly climb up to one of the best basketball teams in the country. He left school to enter the NBA but later came back and got his degree. But he didn’t stop there. In spite of becoming a rich and successful basketball player, Shaquille came back to study even further.

Not only did he complete his degree and keep the promise he made to his mother, but he also went on to get a doctorate degree. Shaquille graduated from Barry University in 2012 with a doctorate degree in education. This makes him one of the greatest basketball players who won the hearts with his attitude towards education and passion for the game. That’s what true heroes are made of.

How can stars combine career and study?

Although it seems almost impossible for stars and famous people to manage a career and study, it is quite possible. The growth in technology has made it possible for colleges to shift online and provide quality education to more people. Just like stars, anyone who is working but wants to study can certainly manage both at the same time. Finding a course that allows you to have time for both your studies and your work can allow you to fare well in both at the same time.

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Emma Watson

Emma Watson has always been a strong advocate for education, and she put into practice what she preached. Although Emma was in a popular movie series since her childhood, she managed to get straight As throughout her school years. After the final Harry Potter film, she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Brown University, an Ivy League school.

She continued to study for the next five years and also attended classes at the University of Oxford as well. While she struggled to finish her studies in one go due to busy schedules, she managed to complete it during her break from acting.

Natalie Portman

Despite being famous at an early age after starring in Star Wars, Natalie Portman went on to complete her education. Natalie enrolled in Harvard University and did her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the prestigious school. She continued to manage both her studies and her career. During the course of her school years, Natalie worked on the second Stars Wars, Zoolander and Where the Hears Is.

Natalie went on to complete her graduation and took the opportunity to let the university’s freshmen know why her education was so important. During the event, she went on to say that her education was more important to her than her career as an actor. Well, it was easy for Natalie but there are not many stars who can pursue education and fit it in their schedule nicely. That is why they pay people to write essays on EduBirdie and get well-written work with 100% uniqueness. With time on their hand, they can pursue their acting careers easily and same time, do exceptionally well in their academics.

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James Franco

James Franco has a surprising number of degrees to his name, and he never let his career stop him from learning. Back in 2006, James enrolled in UCLA to study writing. He was struggling to find an interest in his work as an actor and wanted to learn a different skill. He went on to act in Spiderman while also working on his degree.

In 2011, he moved to New York to attend Columbia University’s writing program. He also attended NYU’s Tisch School of Arts for filmmaking and Brooklyn College for fiction writing. But even after collecting a pile of degrees and a ton of knowledge, James decided to enroll in Yale’s doctorate program. As always, James Franco stood out in this regard too and set an example for many others on how to achieve their dreams regardless of busy schedules. This makes him remarkable and a real role model for the youth.


While these stars are certainly motivating for many, the list doesn’t stop there. There are plenty more celebrities who went on to complete their education and earn their degrees while also managing work. With education becoming easily accessible online, this trend is only sure to grow even further. They should inspire you to achieve your dreams. You should not lose hope at any point and always aim for the stars. These big names from Hollywood and other fields are heroes in real field too and set perfect example for today’s generation.

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Yes some stars go back to school after becoming famous!