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Slay Club World JV

So you want to join the most exclusive lifestyle club that pays you to do what you already do?

Reach millions of people who share your passion and earn an enviable income
that allows you to spend more time doing the things you LOVE.
Say no to the RAT RACE today !

This is an exclusive membership network for those who want to take control
of their FUTURE.

If you think the membership fee is too much, then consider how much time and money you spend on other social networks that send you lots of fake traffic before making up your mind. We assure you there really is no place like this.
Anyone can join other social networks but only those committed to building their online presence and outranking their competitors
can join Slaylebrity’s VIP club world.

The goal of the network is to provide unlimited access to real premium traffic, to those who want to promote their personal or company brand at a fixed cost by leveraging on the attraction marketing technique.

Other Benefits

As a slogger you’re entitled to

  1. Earn 30% commission every month for every successful referral to the slay lifestyle network.
    If you introduce just 100 people a month you will earn $30,000 a month
    $360,000 a year.
  2. Exclusive access to slay network membership club. This entitles you to 500 slay dollars ($500) every month to purchase any luxury item from any  Slay Network online store including: slay network fashion and lifestyle store, any Slay concierge lifestyle pick you find on slaylebrity, Slay fitness store
  3. Slay VIP Slaylebrity account management, to help you grow your slay tribe. Currently the biggest way to draw lots of traffic is via social signals, your personal concierge will provide you with at least 13,500 real social signals every month from facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin and Stumbled upon. These will include shares of your articles on Slaylebrity resulting in  unprecedented growth for your brand or blog. You will receive a report every month from your personal concierge.
  4. VIP access to share content on your own slay tribe channel at slaylebrity.
  5. Access to Slay Concierge special items at slaylebrity (you can use your slay dollar balance to purchase any special items listed by slay concierge on Slaylebrity by contacting concierge)
  6. Access to Slay motivation and slaytition (business content)


If you graduate to Slaylebrity Status (Gain 500,000 followers on slaylebrity)
you will earn 50% commission and you’ll no longer need to pay the membership fee.

The great thing is there is no limit to how much you can earn.

By continuing you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions


Only $1000 a month



Only $12,000 a Year

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll be paid via paypal on the same day your commission is earned. Please note paypal may charge you to receive your commissions

Once you sign up, you will receive a unique affiliate link which will be provided in the welcome email. Our system automatically tracks any sales made from this link.

  1. This is your guaranteed chance to go viral on the internet. Unlike other social networks your Slaylebrity page will actively be promoted, expect no less than 13000 shares, tweets etc per month  of your Slaylebrity channel. 
  2. Receive up to 500 slay dollars every month. Shop premium looks, luxury items, fitness and health products with your slay dollars, plus get priority access to limited edition pieces. 
  3. Promote your personal  or company brand to ready willing and able buyers on Slaylebrity ( Slaylebrity attracts the kaching crowd)
  4. No need to spend excessive amounts on expensive ads on other social networks that get you Nowhere. Once you subscribe you are free to share your content with no 1(one) minute limit on your videos etc. 
  5. Meet and connect with other like minded people on Slaylebrity 
  6. Earn up to 50% per referral depending on your Slaylebrity level

You will receive 13,000 signals a month.

Your slaylebrity articles will be shared by our private network across the following platforms daily

  1. Facebook (likes and shares): 200
  2. Twitter tweets:80
  3. google plus: 30
  4. linkedin shares: 20
  5. stumble upon: 100

We do not permit any violence, hate, terrorism or  pornographic content.

Any attempt to share such content will result in  immediate  closure of the offending account.

A user can have Multiple accounts on Slaylebrity.

However Each monthly or yearly subscription payment permits one account. To get another account you will need to purchase a subscription for every subsequent account.

Once you reach 500,000 followers your slogger account will be upgraded automatically to slaylebrity status. You will no longer need to pay membership fees, and you will earn 50% per referral as a Slaylebrity. Note you will no longer receive 500 slay dollars a month as a black membership member however you will receive 20% discount on all purchases at slay network, slay fitness or slay lifestyle. Content shared by slaylebrities are featured regularly on that slaylebrity life

Yes, it is a monthly subscription. You will be charged $1000 a month to maintain your subscription and to keep receiving commissions for your referrals.

Note all sales are final, however You can cancel your subscription anytime for subsequent months if you no longer wish to be a member of slay club world by sending a cancellation request to