Zach King is an internet sensation and YouTube personality who is of American nationality. He was born on the 4th of February, 1990 and has been active in the internet fraternity since a very young age.

Born in Portland, Oregon, this lad Zach was interested in filming and video making since a very small age, making his first one on the age of seven, using a home video camera. He purchased video equipment at the age of fourteen and started editing and making videos since then. He was enrolled in the Biola University from where he graduated with a Cinema and Media Arts Major degree on 2012. His career started from the website named on the year 2008 which offered ideas as to how to use the editing software named the Final Cut Pro. He then also opened his YouTube channel all the same and started using it to gain social media attention using visual effects. He also began selling seminar trainings and thus started making his own money to pay college tuition fees.

His 2011 video named Jedi Kittens that was showcased on YouTube, gained over  14 million views and became viral instantly, thus making him all the more famous. The sequel of the video named Jedi Kittens Strike Back too was equally popular and gained over 17 million views. He has been named by YouTube as one of the 25 most promising film makers. He made his Vine account in September 2013 and became instantly popular there too. He has also appeared in The Ellen DeGeneres Show and has also been featured in several media outlets for his vines.

As far as the personal life of this YouTube sensation and personality is concerned, it can be said that he has been dating another YouTuber Tiffany Alvord as far as the news of the tabloids are concerned. They have been rumored to be together but since the couple has not officially announced their make-up, people do believe that they actually are together. Apart from Tiffany, Zach has not been rumored to be in an affair with anybody else. It has also been known that he has never been married and does not seem to be in a hurry to do so. Also does not have any children yet and has never been rumored to be dating a boyfriend. Thus, it can be said that he is straight. Fans can sure hope that Zach and Tiffany will tie the knot and make each other their spouse real soon.

Zach King has an estimated net worth of 500 thousand dollars approximately. His salary is not available but his height is estimated to be 6 feet and 1 inch.

He currently has over 19 million followers on Instagram.

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