#1. Your enduring style icon is, and always will be, Kate Moss. Talitha Getty wins for posthumous spirit animal.
#2. Your favorite colors are tie dye, paisley, floral and suzani.
#3. Admittedly, your style icon of the aughts was Sienna Miller. (You also brazenly cut bangs after seeing Alfie.)
#4. Vacationing anywhere warm is simply an excuse to dress like Brigitte Bardot on the beach (head scarf included) and Jane Birkin at night (the mini-er the better).
#5. You might have worn a turban-style wrap on your head once (or twice). And flowers in your hair for a special occasion is always a do.
#6. Kate Moss’s wedding made you simultaneously cry with joy and enraged with jealousy at the perfectly-melded ceremony of bohemia and glamour.
#7. While the rest of the world debated her blue vintage rehearsal dinner dress and matching Roger Vivier boots, you scoured eBay for a look-a-like.
#8. Your home is filled with items inspired by far-off lands—Morocco called and they want their lanterns, poufs and pillows back. Gypset Style is your interiors reference book, naturally.
#9. A magpie you might also be—just take a look a your overflowing jewelry box and affinity for anything beaded, sequined, pom-pommed or embroidered.
#10. Your caftan collection rivals that of Elizabeth Taylor’s.
#11. Raiding the Olsen’s wardrobe, especially during their bag lady phase, has secretly been a dream of yours.
#12. Colourful furs are not man-repellent, but a must-have.
#13. You’ve mastered the art of bed head and your DIY crown braid is truly impressive.
#14. Kate Hudson’s coat in Almost Famous is your outerwear style standard. (Penny Lane, is also high on your list of future childrens’ names.)
#15. As chic as you know menswear-style suits and ladylike silhouettes are right now, it all just feels too bourgeois for your free spirit.
#16. You have or have owned the majority of the following: printed maxi dress, gladiator sandals, a floppy hat, a fringe cross-body bag, a fur or beaded vest, flared jeans, a coin-embellished belt, denim cut-offs, feather earrings and every style of boot imaginable.
#17. Your mother thinks you dress like a “hippie”, your boyfriend thinks every dress you have “looks like a sack” and your best friends all dress just like you do—as a grown-up love child.

By Harpers Bazaar

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I'm a grown up love child

Wild heart

Gypsy soul

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