Hubbell is the love of my life and my best friend. No, Hubbell is not my husband. He’s my nine-year-old Jack Russell. Yes, that’s right — my dog really is my best friend. You know how I know? He’s the only living creature with whom I can be 24/7 and never tire. It must be the fact that he doesn’t talk, and only wants cuddles and belly rubs. (If only human beings were so low maintenance.)

I was raised in a family that always had Golden Retrievers, but it wasn’t until I got Hubbell, a dog all my own, that I began to truly realize the impact that pets have on our lives. I was responsible for his life and, in a lot of ways, he was responsible for mine.
The emotional connection that comes with having a pet is something only those of us who have one can truly understand. It’s a bond that, I think, is essential to having a happy and beautiful life. In other words, there’s nothing quite like the love between a dog and their human, and if you have a dog, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about here.

So whether your bestie is a Westie, your butt’s parked by your mutt, or you’d do anything for your Goldendoodle, most likely you and your canine companion are best buds and share a bond of unconditional love for each other.
But just how “bestie” are you? Is your dog your furry best friend?

After reading the latest surveys on the benefits of pets for millennials and baby boomers, we created a list of 10 signs that your dog is your best friend.

Check it out and see how many get a “that’s me!” or “I do that too!” response from you. Then take the fun quiz at the end of this list to find your “best buds” level.

10 signs your dog is your best friend…
1. You’ve celebrated your dog’s birthday.
2. You’ve taken your dog with you on a date.
3. You leave the TV on for your dog to watch while you’re away.
4. You plan your vacation based on where you can take your dog.
5. You’ve turned down plans because your dog wasn’t invited.
6. You have daily conversations with your dog and enjoy talking with your dog.
7. You use terms of endearment and doggolingo like “fur baby,” “doggo,” and “pupper” to describe your dog.
8. You’ve left work early because your dog needs to go potty.
9. You have many nicknames for your dog.
10. You have more photos of your dog on your phone than all the photos of your hoomans combined.

Are you and your dog nodding your head in agreeement? Then read on to see how you score on the “My Dog is My Best Friend” quiz.

My Dog is My Best Friend [Quiz]
Check your bestie level by answering each of the questions below. Keep track of each of your “A,” “B,” and “C” answers.

1. Finish the sentence. Before heading out together you and your dog…
A. …choose one of our favorite twinning outfits from our closet.
B. …throw on coordinating bandanas and baseball caps.
C. …just go! We look fetching no matter what.

2. Have you ever scheduled a doggie and me photo session?
A. Fur sure!

B. It’s on our doggie and me bucket list.
C. Bark no!

3. Choose the answer that best fits the statement: You miss each other when you have to be apart.
A. Apart? I can’t tell you the last time we were apart.
B. You’re right! We’re both 😭 😭
C. It’s ruff, but absence makes the heart grow fonder. Our fur-wells make for happy hellos!

4. How many in-depth conversations have you and your four-legged friend had in the last month?
A. Hold on just a sec, my furry bestie and I need to confer. We’ll get back to you with our answer.

B. At “leashed” once a day!
C. You’re barking up the wrong tree! Conversations are between hoomans.

5. Have you ever tasted your furry friend’s dog food? Dog treats?
A. Pawsitively yes!
B. Maybe. (Hey, I did it for my fur baby!)
C. Bark no!

6. Have you ever signed a message with both you and your doggo’s names?
A. Fur sure! We added a few paw print emojis, too.
B. Sincerely, yes!
C. We’re too busy having fun to write messages.

7. True or False: My doggo and I have taken the “favorite spot” on the couch from each other when one of us gets up.
A. True! That would be a definitie a-fur-mative from the two of us!

B. Partially true! My fur baby’s the one who does most of the spot-on-the-couch-stealing!
C. False. My doggo has a very comfy bed and blanky.

8. Have you ever selected a restaurant, coffee house, or drive-through for its dog menu, puppuccino, or doggy treat?
A. Y’UMmmmmm, yes! In fact, we’re going on a puppuccino run now!
B. Pup, yeah!

C. Bark no!

9. Have you ever turned down a night out with friends, a date, or gathering because your furry bestie wasn’t invited?
A. No. We don’t have to because everyone already knows that we go everywhere together.
B. Yup! Because some days I’d rather just be with my pup!
C. Not yet. But now that you mention it…

10. Have you ever had some “doggy and me” time just to hang out?
A. All my time is “doggy and me” time!
B. Fur sure!
C. When it’s been a “ruff” day!

Now…tally your answers!
For every “A” answer, give yourself 3 paws. For every “B” answer, give yourself 2 paws. For every “C” answer, give yourself 1 paw. Now add up your score.
If you scored between 21 and 30 paws (mostly “A” answers)…

You furry best friend is your ❤️ dog forever!
You are furry best friends forever! You and your bestie don’t miss a chance to bond, hang out, and have fun together. Side-by-side for all of life’s big and little moments, you exemplify the phrase, “My dog is my best friend!” May the two of you “terrier” into many more happy adventures. Together.

If you scored between 11 and 20 paws (mostly “B” answers)…

Your canine is your copilot!
Your canine is your copilot! Making bestie memories with your furry best friend tops your list of life’s most meaningful moments and best adventures. When people who know you hear the phrase, “My dog is my best friend,” they think of you two! May you enjoy every tail-wagging together time with your bestie!
If you scored 10 or fewer paws (mostly “C” answers)…

Your friendship is fur real!
Your fur-endship is fur real! Whether hanging out together at home or going on adventures, you and your furry best friend are just happy to enjoy each other’s company. While you respect each other’s space, you are always ready for the next great moment to enjoy together. May you and your best friend retrieve many more happy times with each other!

Finally, make every moment count with your furry best friend
We hope our not-so-serious quiz for dog lovers brought a smile, a laugh, or a WOOF!

Give your pupper lots of belly rubs and enjoy every moment with your bestie! And, if you love all things dog, you may like some of our other popular posts:

What did you score on the “My Dog Is My Best Friend” quiz?
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If you’ve ever found yourself saying, “My dog is my best friend,” welcome to the pack! Our dogs are our besties, our fur babies, our companions, and our family members. But just how bestie are you?

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