Some days I’m tame ASF some days I’m rather wild it just depends.

A Night At The Club
An unexpected reunion leads to wild spontaneous sex.

I assessed myself in the mirror before I left my apartment. My new dress was skintight, clinging to every curve of my body. The black satin material shone like an oil slick when the light caught it. Under the flashing, colored lights of the club I would look like I was glowing. I threw on a pair of knee-high boots, touched up my lipstick, and headed out.
When I first arrived at the club, I took a shot of whiskey, then headed out onto the dance floor. I swayed and danced to the rhythm, eyes closed, and lost myself in the music and the energy surrounding me. My heart thumped in time to the loud music of the club. The dance floor was a tangle of moving, dancing bodies. It was warm, and I could feel the beads of sweat trickling down between my breasts.
As I danced, I got the sense someone was staring at me. I opened my eyes and glanced at the people around me. I saw him immediately. Standing unmoving amongst the crowd about six feet away from me, his dark eyes were fixed intently on me. When he saw me notice him, he began to walk towards me with his trademark half smile on his chiseled face. I hadn’t seen Sean in several months, not since he had taken a job a state away. We still texted back and forth, but he hadn’t mentioned anything about coming in to visit any time soon.

“Sean! What are you doing here?” I yelled at him, trying to be heard over the thrumming baseline.
He wrapped me up in a tight hug before grabbing me by the hand and leading me to the door to the patio so we could have a conversation without screaming over the music.
“It was a last-minute trip for work, I only flew in this morning. And I have to leave tomorrow, unfortunately. I tried to call earlier but I must have just missed you,” he said, with an amused look. “You don’t think I’d forget about you, do you?”
I felt myself blush and shook my head no. Sean and I had met at a different kind of club several years back. What started out as a purely physical relationship of convenience where we would meet up regularly for the most amazing sex I’d ever had turned into a close friendship as well. When we hung out as friends we’d do normal friend things, but when we wanted to play it was an altogether different dynamic. The kind that began with a glint in his eye and ended when I was lying on the bed shaking, pussy soaked, and ass a bright red. I hadn’t played with anyone since he’d left that could fill my need for a dominant and just looking at Sean now and hearing his voice had made my panties wet.

“Well, I’m glad you’re here. Even if you didn’t give me a heads up,” I said teasingly.
I stretched my arm out to lightly tap him on the shoulder. Before I could draw my hand back he had grabbed my wrist tightly, holding it frozen in place. He looked at me questioningly, and I nodded yes. He pulled me forward so that I was pressed tightly against him. I inhaled sharply, realizing just then how much I’d missed this, and him. He stared at me for a long moment in which I could feel my heartbeat quicken. Suddenly, without a word he turned and led me back inside, still firmly grasping my wrist.
We weaved our way through the crowd to the other side of the club. I had assumed that he was leading me to the front door so we could get out of there and head back to my place. Instead, he turned and headed towards the bar. He motioned for me to stay put as he walked around the bar to whisper to the bartender. The bartender glanced at me and smiled then grabbed a key from under the register and handed it to Sean.

He came back around to fetch me; placing his arm around my back he guided me over to a swinging door off to the side marked “Employees Only.” Once we passed through the door we were standing in a small stockroom. Cases of beer were stacked up around the walls leaving a path that went straight across the room to another door. The door unlocked easily with the key and we found ourselves in an office just barely big enough for a desk and a filing cabinet.
Sean flipped on the light and locked the door behind us. He drew me in close and gave me a deep kiss. Pulling away slightly, he reached under my dress, sliding his hand up my thigh until he reached my now more than damp panties. Grabbing the silky material he slid them down until they dropped to the floor.
He reached under my dress again. A soft moan escaped my lips as his fingers began to slide along my wet slit. Pushing me back so that I was leaning against the battered wooden desk, he began to rub his thumb across my sensitive clitoris, first softly then firmer as I began to tremble. Only when my clit had grown large enough to poke out from under its hood did he push two fingers inside me while wrapping his free hand around my throat, firm but not restrictive.
Whimpering, my hips pushed forward of their own accord, trying to force his fingers deeper inside me. He pulled back until only the tips of his fingers remained inside me just far enough to taunt and tease me. Letting go of my throat, he picked me up and sat me down on the edge of the desk. Sean dropped down in front of me, pushing my legs open wide. He leaned forward until I could feel the heat of his breath on my hairless pussy. Using his thumbs he spread my lips wide until he could see inside me. My legs tried to close and he roughly shoved them apart again. He rose up and pulled up my shirt and began to kiss and lick at my erect nipples. As his fingers began to slip in and out of me, his teeth nipped at the side of my breast. When his teeth clamped down on the sensitive skin I cried out and started to cum, unable to hold it back any longer. My arms wrapped around him tightly, pulling myself as close as I could.

Before my orgasm was complete, Sean pulled away from me. I whined in protest at the sudden emptiness. I could feel my cum trickling down out of my pussy to coat the inside of my thighs. He studied me for a moment as I lay there, legs spread and almost in tears with need. Yanking me to my feet he gave me a quick kiss, spun me around, and bent me over. After flipping my skirt up, he grabbed my arms and pulled them around, holding them tightly crossed at the small of my back. My face was pressed into the hard surface of the desk and I heard the sound of his zipper being pulled down.
“Please…” I whispered as he teased me with the head of his cock, rubbing it across my clit to nudge at my pussy lips but stopping short of moving inside. I pushed back against him, desperate to feel him inside me. Sean watched me squirm, then without warning buried himself inside me.
My orgasm washed over me as his dick slammed into me, over and over. He released my hands and grabbed me by the hips, holding me steady. The sharp, cool edge of the desk dug into my stomach, forcing the breath out of me with each rough thrust. My cries and moans were lost in the sound of the muffled dance music surrounding us and my clitoris pounded in time with the bass. He leaned down over me and paused, his lips by my ear, and whispered one word: “Mine.”
Straightening back up he reached around to cup one breast in each hand, forcing me to arch my back up towards him. Shoving back into my slick cunt he squeezed my tits hard enough for a cry of pain to burst out of my mouth. We finished at the same time, my pussy clamping down and squeezing his cock dry as we clutched each other, panting.

Once we caught our breath, Sean helped me stand and get my clothes straightened up. Before we left the office he placed his finger underneath my chin, tilting my head back for a kiss.
“We definitely need to make sure we get together more often, kitten.”


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








Some days I’m tame ASF some days I’m rather wild it just depends.

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