For the ladies who are worried about Christmas and need some advice on what to eat …. I say .. ENJOY CHRISTMAS with your families and friends. Eat amazing food and have a good time. Don’t stress about if you should or shouldn’t be having something, this is time with your favourite people!! What I will say is have a PLAN to get back on track. Don’t get to Christmas, eat everything and have no plan to get back to your normal routine. Plan a day to start training again and stick to your goals. Once you have planned for Christmas and the days after, the more relaxed you will be on the day!! Balance is everything

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Fruity Christmas! Yay or Nay!


Which one would you choose avocado, avocado or the avocado?

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Pretty fruit salad

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Avo, tomato, mushroom or fruit?

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Which color would you go for?

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Healthy dreams- pink pitaya blueberry nicecream

Topped with banana slices, chia seeds, frozen bluebs, raspberries and coconut flakes

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The lush way to eat fried sweet potato

All you need is sweet potato chips, some avocado dip and some tomato sauce. To make great Guacamole: Add diced onion and tomatoes to the avocados. Add salt, pepper, tabasco sauce and lime juice and taste to see if seasoned enough to your liking. In a separate small bowl put in 2 tablespoons of the dip. Add 1 tbsp of sour cream

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