Listen up, because I’m about to drop some absolute culinary atom bombs on your morning routine that will have you feeling like a conquering warlord or a queen before you’ve even had a chance to look at your empire-building to-do list. These aren’t just breakfast ideas, these are fuel for champions who devour the average and spit out excellence.

First on the hit list is the Pink and Black Smoothie Creation that doesn’t just look like it’s grabbed straight from a modern art exhibit but also tastes like it’s been handcrafted by the gods themselves. We’re talking about a knockout combo of Pink Pitaya, which is not just a fruit, it’s a trophy of health, loaded with antioxidants and fiber, paired with Activated Charcoal, the dark horse that detoxes like a boss. This isn’t just a drink, this is your morning wake-up call to greatness.

Moving on, if you’re ready to share your victory in a bowl, then get your spoons ready for the Pink Pitaya Nicecream Sharing Bowl. It’s stupidly simple to make, and the pink screams luxury louder than a Lambo’s roar. This creamy, frozen marvel crafted from the pitaya dragon fruit isn’t just a treat for your taste buds – it’s a communal feast that screams team power.

Now, let’s talk about the Simplest Banana Spelt Pancakes you’ll ever flip. If you thought pancakes were the food of the lazy, think again. These bad boys are built from spelt, an ancient warrior grain that’s not only packed with nutrients but also carries a nutty flavor that’ll uppercut your senses. Mix in some smashed bananas for natural sweetness and endurance, and you’ve got a stack that will back you up in any battle of the day.

And finally, if you’re done being monotonous with your morning munch, get your hands on Pink Pitaya & Raspberry Jam Bars. It’s not just a snack; it’s a strategic move for sustained dominance throughout your day. The pink pitaya doesn’t just tag along for the vibrant hue; it brings a barrage of nutrients to the table. The raspberry jam is not the sugary commercial schlock; it’s the rebellious spread that provides you the kick of natural sugar and vitamin C to launch you forward.

To wrap this up , these aren’t just the World’s Yummiest Wanderlust Healthy Breakfast Ideas; these are your fuel to fire up the jet engines of success. Try them once, and your mornings will scream energy, power, and unmatched vitality. Don’t just eat to live; eat to conquer.

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Pink and black smoothie creation is simply stunning! Made with Pink Pitaya and Activated Charcoal

Yummy smoothie

5 frozen bananas • 1/2 pink pitaya fruit • 1/2 cup coconut milk • 1 tsp Forever Beautiful @yoursuperfoods Blend • process/blend till creamy and fluffy without over processing. .


1 cup vanilla soy yogurt 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar 200g mashed ripe banana Mix all wet ingredients with a fork Add the following and mix with the fork. Don’t overdo it. 1 1/4 cup spelt flour 1 1/2 tsp bicarbonate soda 2 tbsp potato starch Spray well heated pan with oil and use 2 generous tbsp of batter per pancake. Fry around a minute on each side. Stack them high, smother in melted chocolate and berries and try to SHARE with someone special


BASE : -1 cup medjool dates -1/2 cup almonds - 1/4 cup rolled oats - 1 tbsp raw cacao powder - 2 tbsp @yoursuperfoods ENERGY BOMB blend - process dry ingredients into coarse flour - add dates and carry on blending till soft dough forms - line your tin with grease proof paper and roll out the base - pop in the fridge PINK PITAYA LAYER : - 150g cashews (soaked) - 1/8 cup maple syrup - 1 tsp vanilla bean paste - 1/8 cup lemon juice - 2 tsp pink pitaya powder @rawnice - blend all till super smooth and creamy - layer over the base - pop in a freezer - RASPBERRY JAM LAYER : - 1 cup raspberries - 3 tbsp chia seeds - 2 tbsp lemon juice- 2 tbsp maple syrup - mash the raspberries and add all the ingredients apart from chia seeds and cook on medium low heat for couple of minutes - add chia and set aside to cool down - layer over the pink filling and freeze for minimum 2h - optionally too with white chocolate - cut into portions - remove from freezer 10min prior to serving for creamy texture .

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