Stefano Canturi, the fine jewelry designer designed this piece that presently holds a price tag of $300,000. This Barbie wears an upscale jewelry set including Stefano’s ‘Cubism-style’ necklace that has been designed using three carats white diamonds and one carat of very rare pink emerald cut diamond. She also flaunts an iconic diamond ring of the company on her right hand. Be it her gorgeous black dress or her perfectly done eyebrows this Barbie looks stunningly beautiful and would leave everyone wanting one. This Barbie was auctioned off for $300,000 in New York and the proceeds went towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Each of these Barbie dolls is stunning, gorgeous, and if you are a Barbie lover it will become hard to resist your temptation. If you can afford one, sure add it to your collection, else be happy learning about these beauties.