A bar of Luxury soaps and organic soaps produced by a family-run business in Lebanon might make you think twice about washing too often.
Infused with gold and diamond powder, a single bar of Qatar soap costs $2,800 (£1,700; 2,050 euros).

Only one has ever been produced and it’s not for sale.

But never to worry Slay beauties you can still get your hands on the most luxurious soaps of all time. These soaps are incredibly stunning and will leave your skin looking flawless. Ingredients include Glycolic and pure gold powder.

They are great for your own use as well as the perfect gift for loved ones.


Black soap with 24 Kt Gold 25g- €193
Black soap with 24 Kt Gold 100g- €223
Gold Soap with 24 Kt Gold 25g- €193
Gold Soap with 24 Kt Gold 25g-€223

All prices include complimentary worldwide

Delivery within 15-20 days.

Contact concierge at sales@slaynetwork.co.uk or Skype slaynetwork to get it.

For best results pair this with the organic skin combo pack from slay fitness

The most expensive soap

Fit for royalty

Black soap with 24 Kt Gold

Gold Soap with 24 Kt Gold

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