Strictly For serious brands and influencers, Slaylebrity the most elite social network is now offering the worlds most coveted verification services for Instagram, Youtube, facebook and Wikipedia.

An all in one combo to guarantee you reach the heights you deserve.

It goes without saying that a verification service is something seriously important in this day and age where trust counts more than anything to close any successful major deals.

This service is perfect for those looking to level up.

This service includes one free mention on Slaylebrity which would normally cost $10000.

After purchasing, you’ll complete our intake process to give us all the necessary information.

Our British -based writing staff will work to create feature articles about you so that you are verification-worthy.

Once you are ready, we’ll submit your account for verification success.

The entire process from receipt of funds is 3-7 months.

Slaylebrity social media verification consultation service price: $30,000

Payments: we accept paypal

To use this service sign up here to become a VIP MEMBER

Free submissions or part payments are not supported at this time on Slaylebrity. Our rates are not based on market standard or metrics because there is no other platform comparable to Slaylebrity. A listing on Slaylebrity is a stamp of approval that your brand or information is worth recognising by those who like the finer things of life. Please note that our staff are extremely busy and will be unable to respond if you are not able to afford or eager to pay our rates.


Strictly For serious brands and influencers

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