Look like a superstar perform like a legend.

Discover the world’s most exclusive invitation-only aesthetic clinic.

You may have been to a lot of cosmetic clinics in the past but nothing like this. Along the curvy dark walls there are sculptural marble loungers where you can recline for a session of personalised intravenous nutrient therapy — also known as vitamin drips.

You could try a session of facial light therapy to stimulate collagen growth and reduce inflammation in the calming redness of the ‘Mars Room’.
There’s a meditation pod, like a giant silver bullet, where you can pop on a headset device that improves your mood and decision-making ability, by soothing your brain waves.

Past the treatment rooms, the cryotherapy chamber and the infrared sauna, there’s a bar where a herbal barista will concoct personalised potions to boost . . . whatever needs boosting. Your mood, your immune system, your energy levels, your digestion or — a popular choice — your libido.
That last concoction includes ayurvedic herbs ashwagandha and damiana, and the herbal aphrodisiacs mucuna and Korean ginseng

Welcome to LMS Wellness. It’s more of a club than a clinic, not least because you can’t just book in for treatment here (you need to be invited to become a member first), and there’s as much emphasis on medical wellness and feeling great as on looking fabulous.

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber — styled like some giant designer barrel handbag and large enough to accommodate a couple of people at a time — was custom-made for the clinic by NASA scientists (a session in here, breathing pure oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure, increases the amount of oxygen that your blood can hold, which is good for healing and reducing inflammation in the body). 

Wellness programme comes in, with a personalised approach designed to ‘biohack’ your way out of brain fog, loss of energy, reduced concentration, poor performance, bloating, gut health, emotional ups and downs and depleted libido.
That means detailed blood tests and hormone analysis, a diet makeover to improve gut health and sessions in the cryotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen chambers, as required, in order to help patients to optimal health.

Anyone can get themselves a filler-face on the High Street. This is the couture approach. It is more exclusive to look natural nowadays

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Guide Price : $17,000+

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Anyone can get themselves a filler-face on the High Street. We bring you instead the couture approach. It is more exclusive to look natural nowadays, Look like a superstar perform like a legend…

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers

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