Move over unicorns, we just discovered a new breed of inflatables. Wine bottle pool floats are here so you can be your most boozy, fabulous self.

Here’s what you need to know about the pool accessories: they come in Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon bottle options (because really who wants to pick just one?), and they remind everyone that you’re just living your best wine-filled life. The float is a little over seven feet long, making it perfect for sprawling out on the water and enjoying a glass of the real stuff.
If wine is not your thing we’ve got you covered with a bubbly Rose bottle instead.

Wine bottle: $315
Rose: $371
All prices include complimentary worldwide shipping.

Instructions to purchase: click the Buy Now link above, enter the title of this post in the inquiry field, fill in the necessary details and click send. Slay Concierge will contact you to confirm details

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A uniquely designed rosé wine bottle inflatable raft that will be the center of attention at your next pool party.

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