Attention all you dancers, influencers, and entertainers! Listen up because I’ve got some news that’s going to make your jaw drop. Brace yourself for the biggest viral challenge of the year – the 10dollar music Tik Tok Ara and ABE challenge, in collaboration with the incredible Slay Entertainment.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear about challenges like this, I feel a surge of adrenaline that’s hard to resist. And let me tell you, my friends, this challenge is no joke. Why, you ask? Because the winner walks away with a grand prize of $1200 in cold, hard cash!

Mark your calendars because the 10dollar music challenge kicks off on the 1st of October 2023. That’s right, you’ve got a short time
to prepare yourself for the ultimate showdown. Perfect those dance moves, brush up on your influencer skills, and get ready to show the world why you’re an entertainer to be reckoned with!

But hold on, because this challenge isn’t just about strutting your stuff. It’s about showcasing your creativity, your uniqueness, and your ability to make people stop dead in their tracks. The Tik Tok Ara and ABE challenge is unlike any other, and it’s waiting for your audacious talent to bring it to life.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “slay entertainment, what’s the catch?” Well, my friends, there is no catch. All you have to do is participate in this electrifying challenge by creating the most mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, eye-popping TikTok video you can imagine. Get your creative juices flowing and let your imagination run wild!

Once you’ve created your masterpiece, make sure to follow all the steps below in your post. This is your golden ticket to becoming the next viral sensation, so don’t forget to spread the word far and wide. And believe me when I say that the world will be watching. The winner of this challenge will be announced on the 25th of November 2023, and trust me, that’s a date you do not want to miss.

So here’s the deal, my fellow dancers, influencers, and entertainers. This is your chance to shine brighter than ever before. This is your opportunity to grab that $1200 cash prize and make a name for yourself in the industry. The 10dollar music challenge is calling your name, and all you have to do is answer the call.

Remember, it’s not just about the money. It’s about defying expectations, pushing boundaries, and showing the world what you’re made of. So put on your dancing shoes, turn up the music, and let the world see why you were born to be a star.

The countdown has begun, my friends. Are you ready to show us what you’ve got? We will be waiting to see your incredible TikTok videos, so don’t keep me waiting. The world is yours for the taking – now go out there and prove it!

No purchase necessary.


1. Register on
2. Search for Ara by Iboy MP and Abeg by Queen Stephire on Tik Tok bookmark it/save to your favorites
3. Make a creative video with these songs
4. Follow and tag @IboyMP @Queenstephire and @infoslaynetwork
5. Get people to comment on your video they must all be following all the accounts on step 4: @IboyMP @Queenstephire and @infoslaynetwork
6. Use the hashtag #IboyArachallenge #Abegchallenge, @10dollarmusic #infoslaynetwork

The video with the highest engagement wins

ENDS 25th November 2023







The countdown has begun, my friends. Are you ready to show us what you've got?

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