It is hard to pinpoint the exact time as to when women started loving jewellery. History has repeatedly shown a woman’s penchant for wearing something beautiful on her neck, arms, ears and fingers. And whatever the design of the piece — be it simple pendants, earrings, or chunky bangles — the ladies will always be attracted to these decorative pieces more than the gentlemen.
Some psychological studies may support this fact, stipulating that many girls are generally drawn to shiny, sparkly and colourful things. This is why, in most instances, beautiful jewellery is always associated with a woman, as it is almost synonymous.
So why do girls love jewellery? There are a couple of reasons that come to mind:
The ladies love to look pretty. For one thing, women are touted as more stylish and more conscious when it comes to looking fashionable and presentable. Compared to the men, the ladies put so much care into their appearances, and the truth is society puts so much expectation for them to look well.
So to make themselves appear more presentable, it has always been set — perhaps since the beginning of civilization — that girls must always wear pretty things especially when it comes to clothing, shoes, accessories or jewellery. And sometimes, it is not just about wearing any type of jewellery. Some girls even go the extra mile by wearing bright and coloured pieces that really command attention. The more the pieces grab the interest of the people around her, the more it is appealing to wear.
This is not to say, however, that many women are vain about looking good and getting praises for it. But then again, whether folks admit this or not, vanity while considered a vice by some, can also be a good thing, especially among the female population. Because there is nothing wrong with looking pretty and using jewellery to do just that.

The ladies put value in their treasures. Ladies loving jewellery may also have something to do with the fact that every piece they own carries a sentimental value, regardless of how much its actual price is worth. Be it expensive or affordable, they keep most gifts they receive, particularly when it is jewellery. They hold particular attachment to their rings, necklaces and bracelets, eyewear, head pieces, especially when these represent significant moments in their lives. They appreciate the symbols and representations of the gemstones that come with the gifts, and understand the meaning behind it. They collect jewellery pieces, even if they only wear this once, and they already know which ones they will pass on to their daughters or other female relatives when the right time comes.
Men enjoy giving jewellery to their wife, girlfriend, daughters, mother and other prominent females in their life for all these reasons. After all, there is some great satisfaction from the giver in seeing that the jewellery they have gifted to that special woman in their life is so valued and treasured.

Popularity of Women’s Jewellery

It should come as no surprise therefore, that women frequent jewellery online shopping sites, since most girls love to shop for jewellery anytime and anywhere, it is almost a given that stores should have these. Aside from women, jewellery online stores are sought by men looking for jewellery to gift to the special women in their lives.

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