Lips are hot. Red lips are too hot. And if a woman bites her lip, it makes a man go crazy. Well, whether a woman is biting her lips to convey you something or she’s just biting lips thinking about something else is a mystery to you. But still, lip biting is the hottest thing.

When you are trying to flirt with her and she bites her lips, your focus shifts to her lips. Your mind then imagines kissing her. This is one reason why woman biting her lip turns you on.

When you are trying to flirt with someone, you tend to intensely observe how that person responds. And when you see her biting her lips, your body will sense it as a good signal and that turns you on.

Another reason why we all think that lip biting is hot is because of all the movies that we have seen. Generally, in romantic movies, lip biting is shown when a woman feels shy before the first kiss.


By Bold Sky

When a woman bites on her lips how does that make you feel?

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