It’s squishy. Who doesn’t love to squish things in their hands?
It’s slimy. Slime is the consistency of real slime without the mess. and we are allowed to play with it.
We can make stuff and add stuff. We can add styrofoam or change the colour of the slime with ease.
plus, it’s pretty much a more fun version of a stress ball…

Other than the fact that it’s fun, exciting and tactically stimulating for them (as other people have mentioned), it’s also a huge trend right now.
Somewhere along the line it got picked up and spread, as these things often do. YouTube videos on popular channels aimed towards children started talking about slime, which makes it of course a conversation topic in the children’s schools. This of course encourages others to try it.

Kids are obsessed with it simply because other kids are obsessed with it, and like all trends, it’s going to die down eventually. For now, make sure they’re staying safe and not using any potentially dangerous ingredients to make it!

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Slime edits

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Slime obsession

The original purpose of slime videos and pictures was actually a form of stimming! If you don’t know, stim is short for stimulation, and there are many different ways to stim, such as visual, auditory, tactile, and many more. The sight and sometimes the sound of someone playing with slime is a great stim for many people, as well as just being relaxing for many other people. As for actually playing with slime, rather than just watching videos, the texture of slime makes it a great tactile stim for a lot of people, as well as being a visual/auditory stim for the reasons mentioned above.

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Abstract slime

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Slay slime photography

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Heart slime

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Gold leaf slime

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