This turquoise princess dress will be perfect for your little one. Click here to get it at Slay my Bambini. To find this look type ‘3’ in the search box.

Use your wings

I don't understand the people who have wings and don't use them....wanting to stay down. Get look 03 for your princess. Handmade couture. Link in description

Why would you choose not to fly?

Choosing not to fly. Wingless people can't help it, it's not their fault they're grounded. But if you have wings..... If you have wings....and yet...... What a pity. Shop look 03, link in Description

The tiny little woman

Once upon a tiny little time, there was a tiny little woman who found a tiny little shell shop look 03, link in description.

By Slay my Bambini

She put the tiny little she'll to her ear expecting to hear a tiny little ocean. Instead she heard a tiny little voice cry "Help Me". Get look 03 for your princess link in Description

Call me she Said

She laughed her tiny little laugh then and inserted her tiny little slay my Bambini business card. 'Call me' she said, and tossed the tiny she'll aside. Get the look at Slay my Bambini link in Description.

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