Father Christmas’ method of delivering presents to the near 2 billion children here on Earth has been the traditional sleigh for hundreds of years – ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ being old Saint Nich’s attitude. In today’s day and age, a car would certainly be more comfortable on the 316,899,308-mile annual journey, but then it would take at least 21 days and that’s without stopping!
So clearly we are looking for something that’s fast, practical enough to fit a magical sack in the boot, but also fulfil Santa’s love of tradition. We’d suggest trading-in those magical reindeer for a pair of Raging Bulls.

Our recommendation for Mr Claws is the Lamborghini Countach powered by an impressive 5.2-litre engine.

However, the ‘Lambo Countach’ does have one considerable drawback for the Christmas Eve journey. Fuel consumption is off the chart with the best economy you can hope for being 6-7mpg. On a snowy surface using all-wheel drive and low range, this beast will guzzle 1-litre of fuel for only 800 metres of travel. This means Santa will need to plan for plenty of fuel stops and signup for a loyalty card.

Despite this, we are confident that this would meet the demands of the man in red.

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Santa should ditch his sleigh for a pair of Lamborghinis

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