Table setting should be fun! Dare unlikely combinations for this year’s smaller gatherings.

In our modern age, when meals are often shared not only with our immediate guests but with a whole cohort of friends on Instagram, dressing the dinner table has become a ritual that invites both artistic flourish and forensic precision. To simplify the process, T asked a host of creative types — from a husband-and-wife design duo to an artist and a team of florists — to share their tricks for creating a memorable table setting.

Nowadays, when friends come over, everything is relaxed and child-friendly,” she says. “Our daughter, Max, helps to cook, pick flowers or lay the table.” Rather than fussing with tablecloths or place mats, the couple turns the table into a canvas for their daughter’s doodles. Children are given crayons and invited to write or sketch directly onto the tabletop to create personalized settings. “It doesn’t have to be neat,” Chan Eayrs says. “Children’s writing is always very charming.” Dispensing with table linens has the added ecological benefit of cutting down on laundry, too. “When you’ve got kids, it’s all going to get tomato ketchup on it anyway,” she says. Even for adults without much artistic flair, simply drawing simple shapes can create impact. “The more personal the table the better,” she says.

To finish, they will scatter the table with objects from around their home, such as stones from the Cornish coast where they’re currently working on their next series of projects, or the heirloom silver cutlery that’s been passed on from Eayrs’s family. To quickly spruce up your own setting, Chan Eayrs suggests adding generous sprigs of English rosemary or mint to the table or Binchotan charcoal sticks in giant jugs of water (she likes Jochen Holz’s textural glassware). “A house is like a museum of you — the places you’ve been, the things you’ve collected or inherited — and the table is a microcosm of that,” she says. “It’s somewhere you can reflect your personality and your heritage.”



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Source NY Times

The smaller the gathering the more opulent the decoration!

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