Prime is the world’s most innovative steak restaurant and is known for serving the best steaks in Sydney CBD. Prime Steak Restaurant in Sydney has pioneered many changes for the steak restaurants industry since opening in 1999, being:

* The first steak restaurant in Sydney to introduce dry-aged beef to its menu in 1999
* The first steakhouse restaurant to offer only premium cuts of steak since 2002
* The first steak house to only offer the “centre” and most consistent part of our selected premium cuts in 2004. We do not offer the “tails” of the fillet, only the centre cuts.
* The first steak restaurant in Sydney to offer Wagyu in 2002
* The first steak restaurant to expand its menu and offer over 18 different steak options in 2006
* The first steakhouse restaurant to offer “Graded” Grass-fed steaks in 2009
* The first steak house to introduce a premium seven-course meat-only degustation menu in 2016

Most importantly, Prime Steak Restaurant only uses premium natural ingredients and everything offered by Prime Steakhouse is made in Prime, including all sauces, desserts, ice creams, gelato and sorbet.

Prime Steak Restaurant is Sydney’s most prestigious, innovative and longest running steakhouse restaurant.

Prime specialises in premium steaks only and offers the most extensive a la carte steak menu in the world, featuring 18 of best steaks in Australia including Wagyu, Black Angus and Angus-Hereford Yearling. For a unique steak dining experience, Prime Steak Restaurant also offers the world’s first premium, seven course meat degustation menu ideal for steak lovers.

Guests can also choose from a variety of premium fine dining seafood, poultry and vegetarian dishes featuring the best available produce, along with an extensive wine list comprising over 350 wines, with our exceptional sommelier and staff on hand to assist you with your food and wine selections.

located within a timeless sandstone vault on the lower ground floor of the heritage-listed sandstone GPO building, complete with fireplace and separate private dining room, Prime Steak Restaurant in Sydney CBD is the ideal location for lunch, dinner or private events for up to 130 guests.

Prime Steak Restaurant continues to lead the way in luxury dining in Australia by introducing a luxury caviar selection in addition to their award-winning steak-focused a la carte menu.

The premium caviar menu comprises Iranian Beluga Caviar, which is sourced from the world’s rarest, most prized and most expensive Sturgeon fish. Carefully prepared according to Persian tradition, the large grains are light to dark grey-coloured with a soft, creamy texture and a refined fruity, buttery flavour.

Prime also presents exquisite Golden Russian Oscietra Caviar, which is delicately hand-selected from wild-raised white sturgeon, known for its large dark to golden brown-coloured pearls. The glossy and firm roe offer a crisp aroma, delicate nutty flavour and creamy finish with a hint of sea salt. The caviar, which is ideal as a starter, can be paired with a vintage bottle of French champagne and followed with a choice of 18 premium steaks, including Prime’s signature full-blood Wagyu 9+ fillet with supreme marbling for the ultimate indulgence.
Head Chef at Prime, Erwan Helary said: “We let the caviar take centre stage and present the tin elegantly on a bed of crushed ice with a mother of pearl spoon, along with housemade accompaniments including brioche, butter and crème Fraiche. For the connoisseurs, they are welcome to eat the caviar off the top of their hand and experience the pearls burst with flavour on the palate.”

“Contrary to popular belief, the world’s most expensive caviar is not black in colour; often the light-coloured caviar is more highly prized.” “Any additions to the caviar made by producers to extend the life of the roe diminish the quality of the caviar, so we only offer a very pure and unprocessed caviar selection.”

Prime’s Iranian Beluga Caviar is priced at $395 for 30 grams, and the Golden Russian Oscietra Caviar is priced at $195 for 30 grams.

For a truly personalised dining experience, book online using our world first online Restaurant Butler booking system where you can enhance and tailor your dining experience within minutes at no additional service charge. Options include half a dozen roses for your partner, champagne and amuse bouche on arrival, and a box of Prime Steak Restaurant Chocolate truffles to take home.

Prime Restaurant is open for lunch from Monday to Friday (12:00pm – 3:00pm) and dinner from Monday to Saturday (6:00pm – 10:00pm).


No 1 Martin Place ( Between George and Pitt Street) Sydney

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Prime Restaurant always keeping ahead of the game

Caviar anyone?

Leading the way in luxury dining in Australia

A unique dining experience

Yearling, Tartare with shaved foie gras, with crispy potatoes and quail yolk.

Hands down best beef tartare ever

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The oysters at prime restaurant are super delicious and fresh

Prime fillet, amazing as always

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Prawn scallop Spinach

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French food remains the best

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Prime's delicate spring dish from the archive

The worlds first meat only degustation

On the menu: Grain fed scotch with grilled King brown mushrooms, baby leek and peppercorn mix.

GPO Grand

Staircase at 1 Martin place

Luxury dining

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