Remember in August last year, when UFC star Conor McGregor was weighing in for a billion dollar fight, and his penis kind of just… popped up? And looked his opponent, Floyd Mayweather, right in the eye?
It was intense, but also, presumably, not his fault, so we all very maturely acknowledged the extent to which we now know what McGregor’s penis looks like and moved on.
(Okay, no one did that. Like, at all.)

Well, now we have another Conor McGregor penis moment and yes we need to talk about it.
In May, 27-year-old McGregor shared a series of photos from his son’s first birthday. They’re gorgeous, really. Conor Jr. is looking sufficiently confused about all the fuss, and McGregor and his long-term partner Dee Devlin appear to be very much enjoying their son’s Mexican-themed party.

It didn’t take long for some of McGregor’s 23.4 million Instagram followers to notice his… bulge.
“Why does your d*** always take centre stage,” one fan wrote, while another wrote, “No wonder your lady is so damn happy. LMAO.”
Another commenter took inspiration from Austin Powers, writing, “I used to think you were crazy, now I can see your nuts”.
Clearly, for whatever reason, McGregor isn’t at all shy about everyone seeing his penis.
In January, he shared a photo on Twitter making it clear that a) we were all correct about his pre-Mayweather-fight erection, and b) he’s kinda… proud of it?

By Mamma Mia

He is cocky for sure

He has a special way of saying "Who you looking at ?"

What is with Mc Gregor and his penis

Conor Jr’s 1st birthday party

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