Slay lifestylers are humans with no weak point because they’ve lived their entire life destroying every single thing that makes them weak.

Slay lifestyle is about being strong because you know your weakness.

It’s about being beautiful because you are aware of your flaws.

It’s about being fearless because you’ve learnt to recognise, illusion from real.

It’s about being wise because you’ve learnt from your mistakes.

It’s about being a lover because you’ve felt hate!

And it’s because you can laugh because you’ve known sadness!

Slay lifestylers have no interest in the weeds in the garden of their enemies nor anyone else for that matter, they never concern themselves with the thoughts of others and what their enemies say or think about them. Because they know that people only talk about people they are intimidated by! In other words they do not concern themselves with small minds or with people who believe in the word impossible, because to them Impossible is Nothing!

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A slaylifestyler wishes to be no one's enemy, A slaylifestyler refuses to be anyone's victim!

Me and my friends at your funeral

You tramped on me and my ideas all my life now I'm cat walking at your funeral

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