My ideal room should be like this. For one thing, the room must be big and the ceiling must be high; for another, a good air conditioner must be set. Besides I would like to paint this room with the colours of cake, of sea, and of snow. I also would have two windows, one facing the east, one the west. A big, comfortable bed is what I pursue all the time. I would put a big, soft, heart-sized bed at the heart of this room. On the bed, and around the bed, various dolls I would put. In addition, a piano, with the colour of wood, I would place on the right side. Further more, on the left side, I would have a big table to place my beloved laptopper and loudspeakers. Next to the table, I would put an exquisite tea table, on which I will put many delicious dim sums. Oh! I love this room.
The ideal room for me is just to rest; I do not want to work any more in it. When I finish my work, when I enter the room, I want to get freedom, and relaxation, which could be given by such a lovely room. First, big space could make me breathe more freely and far from oppression. Air conditioner and mild hue offers me a comfortable environment. Besides, two windows could ensure me the beautiful sunshine all the day, and the wonderful sunrise and sunset. Then, with my elaborate bed, I could have a sound sleep every day. Further, with the loudspeaker and piano, I could have a delightful tour in the magic musical field. What??s more, dim sums and drinks can satisfy my mouth when I have the spiritual tour. All in all, I love this room.

By Li’s blog

Nothing beats a room with a view

What's your ideal room?

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