Ignite your culinary imagination at black salt UAE. A venture that took many flights and a lot of food tasting sessions has finally opened its doors to the residents of Sharjah and the UAE. Molecular Gastronomy is a unique cooking style that focuses primarily on the science behind food. The black salt kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and accomplished chefs, alongside an exceptional customer service experience like no other.
Black Salt is here to change the way you see food and taste it!


Modern Culinary Art

Coined in 1988 by Oxford physicist Nicholas Kurti and renowned chef/chemist Hervé This, Molecular Gastronomy is a food discipline that seeks to investigate the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients. In order to surpass existing food-plateaus, Molecular Gastronomy is coupled with exemplary technology like the Josper Oven from Italy, which is a natural coal-fired combination of oven and grill, that unlocks the true potential of food and the way we taste it.
Another unique technology is the simple yet progressive Sous Vide cooking system which helps us to cook everything at precise temperature. Even the beverages are a class a part, Japanese Syphon coffee maker is devised to change the way we create hot beverages, it uses a combination of a coffee vaccum and ethically sourced beans from various parts of the world that truly provide a desirable alternative to classic tea and coffee.

By Black Salt

Shop #14,
Mansoor Building, University Road, Muweillah Commercial
P.O Box 46 Sharjah


+1 600 546649

Chocolate mousse done with Ferrero

Elevate your taste bud

Butter chicken chow

Dhaka fish

Classic watermelon and feta

Birds net prawns

Rose tea

Classic Pinacolada

Adana Kebab

Caramel frappuccino

Loaded potato

Salmon tikka with ruffles

Turkish coffee with cardamom

Curly fries

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