Have I told you how much I love wedding dresses?
I don’t care if they are satin and frothy, bejeweled and tacky, long and lacy or structured and modern – I LOVE THEM ALL.
So much so that I wore two at my wedding. (Go ahead, you can snicker).

But if I can be honest with you, the only reason I would consider redoing our vows at some point would be to have the opportunity to try on and wear several more.
It’s quite possible that this is the exact moment when this obsession began.

I know lots of people think the wedding dress represents a fairy tale/princess fantasy. That was never it for me. I’ve always loved the fact that it’s something that you can never wear at any other time.

I also think it represents A MOMENT, just one, to feel absolutely fucking gorgeous. We spend the vast majority of our lives being incredibly hard on ourselves. On our wedding day – it’s like we’re given a well-deserved pass to just luxuriate in our beauty. Think about it – every bride looks amazing. Even the ones in dresses that are ridiculous.

I remember pouring over my mothers wedding album as a kid. She told me it was inspired by Jackie O (which explains the strange pillbox hat). I thought she looked perfect.

When it came time for me to find my own dress I had an idea of what I wanted. Structured, modern and a little bit glam. I was out shopping with a few of my friends when suddenly they walked up to me and said “Would you consider something with colour?” I shrugged, “What kind of colour?” They said, “Pink?”
As they shoved this long, lacy dress into my hands, at first I rolled my eyes. It wasn’t pink but at the bottom you could see a peachy undertone that got more intense the further down the dress. It looked forgettable at best, tacky at worst. I reluctantly threw it on and came out to look in the mirror.
What happened next is going to sound ridiculous.
I looked in the mirror and suddenly I got a little weepy. The dress evoked some kind of memory of myself from a previous life. Like I had once worn this type of dress in Spain in the 1920s. I don’t know what exactly was going on but I saw something in myself that I had never seen before. Plus my boobs looked great.
So all I really want to say is if you are getting married and are looking for someone to help you say yes to your dress…I’m your girl. Can you just let me try one on too?
Do you love wedding dresses? Share your stories below.

By Cynthia Loyst

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