I prefer steamy situations

We are standing in the living room in the middle of a steamy doggy session. Teddy is grabbing my arms and holding my back at the same time. I feel my knees going weak as my orgasm is approaching. I have to bend forward to unlock our Gordian loving knot, and Teddy uses the opportunity to raise his hand and slap my butt…
As I get home I see a large wooden crate outside the door. I walk in the living room and see Teddy proudly showing me where he placed our new large mirror. I had been waiting for it for days and am happy to see that I chose well. I embrace and kiss him to thank him for unpacking and hanging it up in place.
His kiss is loving and nice, definitely asking for more. I tell him to wait here because I want to get ready to premiere our new mirror with a hot and steaming doggy, as it deserves it. I wink at him and as I walk away I see him taking a good look at my derriere, and somehow that makes me blush.
As I walk in the bedroom I see the transparent blue, one strap bodysuit that he has been talking about the last few days. I like the way it holds my boobs and how tight it fits to my body. I think to myself, “The son of a bitch knew what he was doing,” yet I feel charmed by how he selected an outfit for me to wear.
I undress quickly, get into the bodysuit and as I am trying to close the bottom part I realize how wet and ready I am for the action that will follow. I look in the mirror and smile at the way it looks on me, my hard nipples showing, my hips elegantly wrapped.
I walk into the living room and find Teddy already stripped off, wearing nothing but a growing erection for me.
“I found this on the bed, I wonder who left it there, and with which intentions?”
He embraces me and the force of attraction of our mouths make us melt in a wet and loving kiss. I feel his paws all over my body, as mine move down to feel his butt. I feel my nipples getting harder and raise my hand to slap him.
As if it was a start signal, he turns me around and bends me over. He tries clumsily to unbutton my bodysuit. I can see his expression of frustration in the mirror and move my hand down to untie…

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I prefer steamy situations

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