Victoria Beckham’s Carpool Karaoke segment has arrived, but it comes with a creative twist. Instead of singing along to a series of songs in the car, Posh Spice and James Corden stage a mock remake of the 1987 cult classic Mannequin.
Strange? Yes. Entertaining? Definitely.
In their mini remake, Corden falls in love with a mannequin (Beckham) whom he believes is a real person, even though everyone thinks he’s crazy. The two have a grand time dancing and telling jokes to each other backstage:

But when Beckham tells him she wants to be with others like herself, Corden promptly takes the challenge (out of love) and drives her to the retail window display she calls home—and that’s where a brief Carpool Karaoke session comes in. As predicted, the two belt out Spice Girls’ “Spice Up Your Life.”

A Mannequin remake and a Posh Spice comeback is the nostalgia fest we needed. Watch the full skit.

Nice Posh!

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