The youngest of the Beckham’s, 5-year-old Harper, has officially become trademarked as part of the family brand.
According to BBC, Victoria Beckham trademarked Harper’s name in Britain and Europe with the European Intellectual Property Office. This means if the 5-year-old comes out with any branded products in the future, she’s the only person who can legally use the name “Harper Beckham” on products ranging from clothing to toys and accessories. The trademark also protects Harper’s name in the entertainment industry, if she pursues a career in music, TV or film in the future.

The three oldest Beckham siblings, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, all have trademarked names as well. Brooklyn, who just turned 18, is due to release his first photography book in May while Romeo, 14, has modeled for Burberry in the past and 12-year-old Cruz is reportedly pursuing a music career.

Kisses from mama

Watch out Kardashians, the Beckhams are coming.

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