From gummies to dairy-free caramels, these better-for-you vegan treats are a healthier alternative to traditional high-sugar Halloween candies.  

It’s a real bummer when you’re stuck eating carrot sticks and hummus while constantly seeing images of vegan peanut butter cups and solid dark chocolate Halloween skulls. If you’re avoiding sugary treats and foods, don’t fret … there is what we like to call the “in-between treat.” It’s when we crave that dopamine response from something sweet or salty but also want to keep our overall health in check. Here are nine vegan Halloween snacks for that glorious in-between treat.

1 SkinnyDipped
These tasty chocolate-coated cashews and almonds are a more whole food version of the classic nut butter cup. In lieu of a sugar-spiked nut butter surrounded by a layer of chocolate, the actual nut stands for the filling while still offering a bit of chocolaty indulgence. We love the satisfying crunch of these snacks as well. The Super Dark + Sea Salt mini-packs are vegan and perfect for an everyday treat. 

For those who crave crunch, Tosi bars will be your new favorite candy bar swap. Made simply with nuts, seeds, natural sweeteners, and sea salt, these nutty, better-for-you bars are the epitome of sweet-meets-salty goodness. The one-ounce serving is perfect for anytime nibbling. Our favorite flavors include Cashew Blueberry, Cashew Coconut, and Peanut Dark Chocolate. 

Bare Snacks
Fruit becomes so much more satisfying when dehydrated and transformed into a crispy snack you can grab by the fistful. This natural snacking company has been around for years, but we finally realized that its spiced apple, banana, and coconut chips actually stand in for a decent Halloween treat. Flavors range from Cinnamon Apple to Strawberry Banana and Toasted Coconut to Chocolate Coconut. We love to mix and match! 

When you’re craving candy and a healthier alternative simply won’t do, reach for a handful of UnReal goodies. The vegan-friendly company has reformulated many of its bite-sized treats to offer less sugar than its candy competitors (between 36-60 percent less, depending on the variety). Vegan options include Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, and Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups. Note: the Dark Chocolate Peanut Gems are also vegan, but they have yet to be reworked with less sugar. 

We’re fans of Justin’s vegan peanut butter cups, but its nut butter-covered nuts are a true contender. All four flavors are vegan: Cashew Butter Covered Cashews, Almond Butter Covered Almonds, Maple Almond Butter Almonds, and Maple Cashew Butter Covered Cashews. These won one of our highly coveted VegNews Best of Show awards at the 2019 Expo West trade show, and they just happen to be a healthy alternative to traditional vegan candy. 

Want to really wow at Halloween checkout our too ideas below.

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Cinnamon Chai Latte pancakes with black goji Berry and coconut yoghurt layers, frozen blue and blackberries with melted white choc

For coloring my yogurt I used the Black Goji Berry powder by @unicornsuperfoods - love it as much as all their other powders! For the pancakes just add Chai Latte powder to your pancake mix.

Source: @ari_goes_to_wonderland

Delicious vegan cinnamon chocolate mug cake

Moist, fluffy, made for one! This vegan chocolate mug cake is the best quick dessert, SO good with ice cream on top. Oven and microwave method! chocolate mug cake ingredients * Flour. I used a gluten-free all purpose flour, but you could also use spelt or all purpose flour here. If you are looking for an oat flour option, try this recipe instead. * Cocoa powder. This is chocolatey ingredient number 1. * Coconut sugar. Or brown sugar would work, either will make for a more moist cake than white sugar and richer flavor too. * Baking powder and salt. The essentials. * Chocolate SunButter! I am BEYOND excited for this new product from SunButter, it’s the chocolatey spread our lives have truly been missing. I wish you the best of luck not eating the whole jar with a spoon… * Almond milk. Because we need some liquid in here. You could swap half for brewed coffee if you want a really rich KICK from your mug cake. * Vanilla extract. * Dark chocolate chips. These just make it extra moist and a little gooey, you can skip them or just add them on top after baking. * Cinnamon (for an extra kick of flavor) The oven option: It will take about 23-25 minutes in the oven which I know is a lot more waiting than the microwave route. But you don’t have to worry about overflowing (as long as your mug isn’t too small) and it’s much less likely to over-bake and dry it out. This is my favorite way to do it The microwave option: Cake in 2 minutes is my kinda magic trick. It took about 1:45 on high in my microwave to be exact. Just make sure you pick a mug or ramekin that is large enough otherwise the batter can overflow and that’s always a messy sad mug cake moment. I recommend starting with 1:30 and then checking on it. It’s tricky to tell when its done in the microwave, cook it too long and it will turn out dry and chewy. my best mug cake tips 1. Use a large enough mug or ramekin (microwave/oven safe of course!) and do not grease it. It will stick a little bit, but if you grease it it won’t rise as well. 2. Whisk the dry ingredients first to avoid any lumps. 3. Measure all the ingredients with a kitchen scale. This is most accurate, and when we are working with small amounts like this small errors can make a big difference in texture and taste. 4. Let it cool for at least 5-10 minutes before eating, otherwise it will be too gooey. The microwave version will cool quicker than the oven. 5. Add cinnamon to the mix

Source: @ari_goes_to_wonderland

Cookie Monster cupcakes

Lemon cupcakes, add some blue spirulina to the frosting and use come cookies for the mouth. Ingredients for 12 cupcakes: * 250 g spelt flour * 150 g sugar * 1 tsp baking soda * 2 tsp baking powder * 80 ml sunflower oil * 50 ml plantbased milk * 100 ml mineral water * zest & juice of 2 lemons   Ingredients forsting: * 100 g vegan margarine * 160 g icing sugar * 2 tbsp lemon juice * lemon zest     Preparation (45 min.): * preheat your oven at 170 degrees * mix all dry ingredients together * add oil, milk, lemon juice & zest and at the end mineral water while stiring with a hand mixer * fill 3/4 of your muffin moulds with the dough and back them for around 15 min. Take care that they won't get too dark and test with stiking a wooden pick into them whether they're done (if dough still sticks on your stick, let them back a few minutes more). * let your muffins cool down and prepare your forsting during this time * stir the warm margarine until its creamy and add icing sugar little by little (use a hand mixer) * when the mixture is homogeneous, add lemon juice & zest * put the frosting into a decorating tube and put it into your fridge until the muffins are totally cooled down * before serving, pipe the frosting on top of your cupcakes, decorate them with lemon slices, zest and mint leaves - enjoy 

Source: @ari_goes_to_wonderland

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