“Gluten-free” may have skyrocketed into a trend, but many people have no choice but to avoid this protein for some serious health reasons. Celiac disease, which necessitates strict avoidance of gluten, afflicts about one in 141 people in the United States. Plus, non-celiac gluten sensitivity is also increasing in prevalence. Overall, anyone avoiding gluten for medical, health, or any other reason needs to avoid:
* Wheat and all wheat derivatives (including, but not limited to, bulgur, spelt, farro, einkorn, emmer, durum, kamut, semolina, triticale, wheat bran, and wheat germ);
* Barley;
* Rye;
* Oats that are not labeled “gluten-free” (due to cross-contamination, not an inherent gluten protein within the oat grain)
Fortunately, there are plenty of gluten-free options available, even for those who eat a plant-based diet. Whole grains that can be used safely include amaranth, buckwheat, corn, Job’s Tears, millet, fontina, gluten-free oats, quinoa, rice, sorghum, teff, and wild rice. For more information on gluten and gluten-free eating with 200+ plant-based recipes, check out The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Gluten-Free Vegan Cooking.

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Vegan sweet potato Gnocchi

The best recipe for Vegan Sweet Potato Gnocchi with only 3 ingredients. It’s so easy to make, gluten-free and incredibly delicious! Serve them crispy pan-fried with oven roasted tomatoes for a perfect comfort meal! Is there anything more heavenly than enjoying some delicious Gnocchi that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside? This Vegan Sweet Potato Gnocchi served with flavorful roasted tomatoes and dairy-free parmesan cheese is the ultimate comfort food! I absolutely love making them for lunch or dinner or as a simple side dish. Gnocchi is also a perfect food you can make ahead and freeze in batches, so you can have homemade gnocchi any time you want! PREP TIME 20 mins COOK TIME 10 mins TOTAL TIME 30 mins Ingredients Sweet Potato Gnocchi: * 1 large sweet potato (about 600 g) * 1 1/3 cup (gluten-free) flour* (170 g) (+more for dusting) * 2-3 tbsp nutritional yeast flakes or vegan parmesan cheese (optional) * 1/2 tsp salt * 2 tbsp vegan butter (to pan-fry) Oven roasted tomatoes: * 250 g cherry tomatoes * 1-2 tbsp olive oil * salt & pepper to taste * 3-4 garlic cloves Topping: * 4 tbsp pine nuts * fresh herbs of choice Sweet Potato Gnocchi: * Prick the sweet potato a few times with a fork and microwave until soft, for 7-10 minutes. (Optionally, bake the sweet potato in the oven for about 50-60 minutes). * Peel the sweet potato, scoop the flesh into a bowl and mash until smooth. Add nutritional yeast/ parmesan + salt and mix until combined. Add the flour and knead gently but don’t over knead it or the dough will get sticky. Add more flour if needed but try to add as little as possible to get fluffy and soft gnocchi. * Transfer the dough to a floured working surface, form it into a flat ball and cut into quarters. Take a piece and form a long rope, rolling it along your floured surface. Cut the rope into 3/4-inch (2 cm) pieces and either cook them this way or create the distinctive ridges. * To create the typical gnocchi ridges, place the gnocchi at the top of the fork tines and gently press down, rolling it across the fork with your thumb (see pictures in the text above). * Bring a large pot of salted water to the boil, add the gnocchi, and cook until the gnocchi float to the top of the water. Drain and optionally, toss with a little olive oil to prevent sticking. * Now you can continue making the recipe to serve them immediately, or refrigerate the gnocchi to serve them later, or freeze them for further meals. Pan-fried Gnocchi with roasted Tomatoes: * Put the tomatoes onto a baking sheet or baking dish. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle garlic cloves throughout. Season with a little salt & pepper and toss to coat. Spread out into a single layer and roast in a preheated oven at 400°F (200°C) for 15-20 minutes.
 * Toast pine nuts in a small pan without additional oil. Then set aside. * Heat the butter in a large skillet over medium heat until lightly bubbling. Add the gnocchi and roast until golden-brown and crispy on the outside. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
 * Serve your crispy Gnocchi with roasted tomatoes and toasted pine nuts and sprinkle over vegan parmesan cheese and fresh chopped herbs, if you like.
 * Enjoy! Notes * You can use regular all-pupose or light wheat flour or a gluten-free flour blend. * Watery sweet potato requires more flour, resulting in a denser gnocchi. So please do not boil the sweet potato. Bake or microwave for the best result. * You can find suggestions about the storage etc. in the text above. To view how to video visit https://biancazapatka.com/en/vegan-sweet-potato-gnocchi/

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Crispy Apple Pie French Toast Roll Ups

These vegan oven-baked Apple Pie Toast Roll-Ups are super easy to make in just 20 minutes. It’s a delicious breakfast or dessert with a sweet apple-cinnamon filling. Serve these vegan French Toast warm and crispy for a perfect snack. I love that these Toast Roll-Ups are oven BAKED and NOT FRIED, so they contain less fat than regular French Toasts which are fried in tons of oil. Plus they take just 20 minutes to make and you need only a few simple ingredients you likely already have on hand. You could also make them lower in sugar by using brown erythritol if you prefer. While your apple and cinnamon toast roll-ups are baking in the oven, the smell is amazing. Nothing says fall or Christmas like the aroma that fills a house with the smell of delicious apple pie desserts. Of course, you can also make these Toast Roll-Ups with different fruits and fillings due to your mood and taste. You can also try making savory rolls like using  cashew ricotta, or a creamy pumpkin filling, or other veggies of choice. Just get creative to find the perfect filling for your breakfast, snack, or dessert. Have fun trying this recipe and let me know if you liked them. PREP TIME 5 mins COOK TIME 15 mins TOTAL TIME 20 mins Ingredients For the Toast Roll-Ups * 10 slices of bread (gluten-free*, if needed) * ⅓ cup brown sugar * * 1 tsp cinnamon * ¼ cup vegan butter For the Apple Cinnamon Filling * 3 small apples * 100 ml water * 1 tbsp brown sugar * * 1 tsp cornstarch * 1 tsp cinnamon * a pinch of vanilla * a squeeze of lemon juice (optional) * Instructions  *Note: Make sure to watch the recipe video for visual instruction! * For the Apple Cinnamon Filling * Peel, core and chop the apples into small chunks. * In a pot or saucepan, mix water, cornstarch, sugar, cinnamon, and lemon juice. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly, until thickens up. * Add apples, toss to coat and set aside. For the Toast Roll-Ups * Preheat your oven to 350˚F (180˚C).
 * Cut off the crusts from each slice of your bread. Then flatten using a rolling pin.
 * Spread about 1-2 tablespoons of the apple pie filling on the flatten toast slices and roll them up into a wrap (see pictures in the text above).
 * Combine brown sugar and cinnamon in a flat bowl (or deep plate). Melt vegan butter and pour in another flat bowl. * Brush or dip each toast roll-up into melted butter and then roll in the cinnamon sugar.
 * Place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake for about 15-20 minutes until crispy and golden browned.
 * Serve warm with a drizzle of agave syrup, if you like. Enjoy! Notes * To make these Roll-Ups gluten-free, you can use a gluten-free bread. * If you're not into French Toast, you can also make vegan crepes (thin pancakes) with this recipe, then fill with the apple cinnamon filling. * To make them refined sugar-free, you can use brown erythritol. You could also use coconut sugar, or regular white sugar, if you prefer. For instructional video visit https://biancazapatka.com/en/apple-pie-roll-ups/

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Mushroom and lentil Ragu

This hearty vegan mushroom and lentil ragu recipe is a delicious, protein-rich and healthy take on the classic Italian Bolognese pasta sauce but loaded with depth earthy flavors of meaty mushrooms! Serve the wholesome lentil ragu sauce with your favorite pasta variety like gluten-free spaghetti, pappardelle, and lasagna, or over mashed potatoes, creamy polenta, gnocchi, rice or just with naan! PREP TIME 10 mins COOK TIME 45 mins SERVINGS 4 Servings CALORIES 550 kcal Ingredients * 1-2 tbsp olive oil for frying * 1 onion finely chopped * 1 large carrot finely chopped * 1 stick celery finely chopped * 8,8 oz mushrooms finely chopped * 2 tbsp soy sauce or tamari sauce or balsamic vinegar * 3 cloves garlic minced * ½ cup dry green lentils or brown lentils or canned lentils (*see notes) * ½ cup red wine or sub more veggie broth/water or coconut milk for richness * 1 14 oz can diced tomatoes or passata or whole crushed tomatoes * 1 cup vegetable broth or more as needed * 2 tbsp tomato paste * 1 bay leaf * 2 tsp thyme leaves fresh or dried * 1 tsp smoked paprika powder * 1 tsp miso paste optional * ¼ tsp salt adjust to taste * ¼ cup walnuts crushed (optional) * To Serve (optional) * 12,3 oz pasta of your choice e.g. gluten-free pappardelle noodles * garlic mushrooms * vegan parmesan cheese * fresh herbs e.g. basil or thyme Instructions  * See step-by-step photos above! * Heat the olive oil in a large pan over medium heat. Add the onion, carrots, and celery. Cook for about 3-5 minutes, until the onion starts to turn translucent. Add the mushrooms and continue cooking for about 5 minutes, until the mushrooms have released most of their water. Add the soy sauce, garlic, and lentils and cook for another minute, stirring frequently until fragrant. * Pour in the wine, and cook for a minute until most of it has evaporated. Then add in the tomatoes, vegetable broth, tomato paste, bay leaf, thyme, paprika, miso (if using), and salt. Stir to combine and bring it to a boil. Reduce it to a simmer, cover the pan and cook for 30 to 35 minutes until the lentils are done. (If the sauce becomes too thick, add more veggie broth or water). Taste and adjust seasonings as needed. Remove the bay leave in the end and stir in the crushed walnuts if using.
 * Start to cook the pasta in a large pot of salted water according to package instructions around 15 minutes before the sauce is done. Once the pasta is al dente, drain the cooking water and toss in a little bit of olive oil (optional to prevent from sticking). Also, sauté the extra garlic mushrooms in a skillet for the topping as instructed in this recipe.
 * Serve the pasta with the mushroom and lentil ragu and garnish with extra garlic mushrooms, vegan parmesan cheese, and fresh herbs or any topping you like. Enjoy!
 Notes * To speed up this recipe, you can use 1 cup canned lentils (drained & rinsed). If you do so, please omit the 1 cup of water in the recipe and adjust the cooking time. * You can use your favorite (gluten-free) pasta variety or homemade pasta or serve the sauce over mashed potatoes, creamy polenta, gnocchi, rice or just with naan bread on the side.

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