Slay fitness protein shakes provide a wholesome all natural approach to not just sustained weight loss, but also an overall healthier body in the long term. The best part is not only does it replace meals, but it’s simple to use and lacks restrictions. You’re no longer forced to find weight loss thru complicated calorie counting, time consuming meal planning and nagging consideration of every bit of food you choose.
Meal replacement diets are considered a wonderful weight loss solution.* Results are as easy as replacing just 1 or 2 meals a day with slay fitness shake. Let the nutrients do their work as you reap all the benefits. Now the way it works is simple, it keeps you full and provides only 90 calories with added vitamins to keep you feeling and looking good. Just a few calories are needed due to the natural ingredients and protein inside that keep you satisfied.

As always slay fitness is all about keeping it interesting. If you fancy using slay fitness protein powders in a truly unique way try some of these muscle-building smoothie recipes.

Grape Berry

Blend a handful of purple grapes and blueberries together with a teaspoon of dry chia seeds, one teaspoon of flaxseed oil and 120ml of water. Add a couple of scoops of vanilla flavour protein powder and mix it all up.
The grapes are a great source of vitamin C, potassium and manganese and the berries are a powerful antioxidant, while chia seeds are a superfood with piles of supposed health benefits. Coupled with a generous helping of protein this is a nutrient packed, tasty shake in just a few minutes. Protein hit Around 23g.

Banana and Oats

Anything with bananas and oats is going to be packed with energy. Chuck 2tbsp of rolled oats and two bananas into the blender alongside 240ml of unsweetened almond milk and 120ml of cold water. Add ¼tsp of cinnamon and 1tsp of honey for flavour as well as four ice cubes to keep it nice and chilled. Get your two scoops of protein powder in there (banana or vanilla would work best) and you have yourself the perfect pre-workout, energy boosting concoction. As well as energy this shake will help to prevent muscle cramping and sustain your blood sugar too. Protein hit Around 28g

Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Who doesn’t like chocolate and peanut butter together? As well as being a decadent mixture of two milkshake favourites, this recipe is actually good for you. The peanuts are full of good stuff including protein, folate, vitamin E and manganese.
Mix two scoops of chocolate protein powder with one banana, 2tbsp of good-quality peanut butter (the less sugar the better) and 240ml of unsweetened almond milk, skimmed milk or soy milk. Throw in some ice cubes and you have one of the most luxurious protein hits you could wish for. Protein hit Around 30g

Peachy Green

A nutrient-rich breakfast smoothie. It’ll come out green and may look fairly unappetising but it will start your day off the right way with a hearty serving of fruit, veg and protein. Mix a handful of frozen pineapple with ½ a banana, two handfuls of kale, half a frozen peach and 240ml of unsweetened almond milk. Add two scoops of vanilla protein powder to the mix and start your day feeling right. It doesn’t get much healthier. Protein hit Around 31g

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