A stunning eclectic piece for your bedroom.

Adding a hollow wooden frame with a color of choice:
Size 150×50 (price $1366)
Size 180×60 (price $1468)
Size 200×50 (price $1500)
Size 200×70 (price $1561)
Size 220×80 (price $1663)
Size 250×100 (price $1864)

The price is per piece.

Contact sales@slaynetwork.co.uk to get size less than 250 x 100

For 250 x 100 only use the instructions below

Delivery: 6-8 weeks

No Returns or Exchanges.

Price: $1864
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping

Instructions to purchase: click the Buy Now link above, click the add to cart link, then click the cart and follow the steps to check out

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