I want all the unexpected pleasure I can get!

“You will not believe what happened last night!” Selena squealed at me on the phone.

“Let me guess, you saw your neighbors fucking on the balcony again and they finally invited you over to join them?”

“Ohh my gosh, not yet, but this was even better!”

“Alright, I’m curious, tell me what happened last night.”

“Well, I wanted to check out that new bar over on 3rd and I didn’t want to go alone because you just never know what the crowd will be like, so I found a date on Tinder and arranged to meet at the cafe on the corner.”

“Mmmhmm,” I replied, sliding myself down in my plush leather armchair, realizing Selena was going to milk this story for all its worth and I would be here a while.

“He was hot but something was off about his vibe. I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time, but I knew I wasn’t going home with him. He felt safe enough though, so after our coffees, I asked if he wanted to check out the bar. When we got there, it was off the chain. It was super early, only 9 o’clock or so. But it was already completely packed and it had this tension like something was building up, like there was going to be something exciting happening. I had no idea that there was a performance. I didn’t even know they could fit a stage in that place.”

I was already bored of this story, wanting to hear the details of how Selena had gotten fucked the night before, because god knows I hadn’t managed to get any more than my purple vibrator.

“I could barely talk to my date and it was kind of obvious he was checking out men. And when the performer came out, I was so transfixed, I lost him. I didn’t see him again the rest of the night. But she was exquisite. It felt like she was singing directly to my soul, Melody. You have no idea. I thought her voice alone was going to make me orgasm, but the way she looked at me told me she was going to do more than sing to me. It was so hot, I wish you could experience it.”

“Wow,” I gasped out. I had never heard Selena talk about anyone with so much passion. “So what happened?” I asked, eager for all the details. I had no idea just how much detail Selena was willing to share.

“At first we stayed at the bar, she came over after her last set and her hands were on me immediately, soft and gentle. She stared deep into my eyes and touched my lips as if blessing them.”

I found myself touching my own lips as she described the scene to me.

“Then she shoved me up against the bar, like really aggressively, and I felt so turned on. I mean if a guy I didn’t know had done the same thing I would have been pissed but she was different, so feminine and powerful. I would have let her fuck me right there in public, I was so turned on at that point.”

“Mmm,” what I thought would be a slight sound to let her know I was listening came out more like a tiny moan.

“And then, imagine this, you are so turned on by this woman you would let her do anything to you, and she kisses you so gently, so tenderly, in complete contrast to the way she is pinning you against the marble countertop behind you.”


“Then she just turns and walks out the door.”

“What,” I gasp, “did you follow her?” I so desperately want to hear more.

“Mmm, you are enjoying this story too much. Am I making you wet, Melody?” she teases.

“You know you are, Selena. Your stories always turn me on, but you have never told me about being with a woman!”

“Well, that’s because I haven’t before! Have you?”

“What? No!” I feel flushed telling this white lie because I have kissed women before, I just haven’t had the courage to go further.

“Let me give you an experience of what it’s like then,” Selena’s voice has dropped, she sounds way more serious than she did a moment ago.

“Okay?” I hear myself replying.

“So we leave the bar and she leads me around to an alley where a limo is waiting. A fucking limo, Melody! I got in beside her having no clue where we were heading. It didn’t matter, I felt like I was high. The mix of the music and the adrenaline and our chemistry was just insane. Imagine feeling like the entire surface of your body is tingling with desire. Everywhere, from your face, your long slender neck, and those delicious dark nipples, all the way down to your navel, and lower.”

I was imagining it, exactly as she described it, and I felt like she knew that.

“Imagine how your clit would be throbbing, your whole cunt getting that aching feeling of need for attention, and not knowing for sure if you were going to get it or not.”

“Oh I am going to get it,” I declared stubbornly.

“Oh really?” she teased. “Are you going to touch yourself?”

And something in her voice took me to the next level of anticipation, something was changing between us. This was no longer about her and the woman from the bar, she was thinking about me touching myself, and I was enjoying it.

“I am touching myself,” I said in my most sultry voice as I slid my hand between my legs to feel the dampness already evident outside my silk panties. I had been lounging in my underwear anyway, so no wardrobe change was required.

“Not your pussy yet,” she instructed, “stroke the inside of those smooth thighs. Imagine I am there touching you, lightly running my fingers against your skin.”

“Mmm,” I reply, not trusting my voice to say more.

“Put me on speakerphone and use your other hand to play with your nipples. Tell me when they get hard.”

I giggle, “They have been hard, Selena, I keep thinking about how you called them delicious, are you going to taste them?”

“I am going to gently tease them and see how they harden and stretch under my fingers, and then I’m going to gently suck them, one at a time, while my fingers explore your torso, and that curve above your hip.”

“Ohhh,” I moan, tracing my fingers over the places she mentions but unable to give my own tits the sucking sensation she has promised.

“When you can no longer stay still under me, and your hips are writhing, your clit aching to rub up against something, anything, to release the pressure building between your legs, only then will I take one finger, to explore that beautiful button of pleasure. Gently I will get to know its shape and texture, but only lightly touching you even as your hips move to get more of what you want.”

By now my fingers are on my clit and they are not as gentle as what Selena is describing to me and yet I want more. I’m aching for release.

“Don’t even think about fucking yourself yet. Unless… you still have a butt plug, right?”

“Mmmm,” I start noncommittally, not wanting to move from my comfortable position.

“Go get it, lube it up, and come back,” she orders.

I have never heard this tone from Selena before and I find there is nothing I can do but listen.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.









I want all the unexpected pleasure I can get!

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