Traveling these days has come to be a regular occurrence for many a traveler and businessman or woman. In the past, traveling on trains and then later, on airplanes, was an opportunity reserved for only the wealthiest citizens of those eras, and was a chance for them to further show off their wealth with luxury travel gear. Indeed, people used to travel now only with expensive and large luggage sets, but along with their own personal attendants to manage them. With the development of technology and design, luggage became smaller and easier to handle, with advanced features which help make them more functional to carry around.

Of course, Slaylebrities and millionaires usually travel with first-class tickets or even aboard private jets. And most of the time, carrying around a fancy luggage set is part of their traveling style.

We’ve found the most stylish set you can think of. This brown Python travel bag and matching hat is a sure bet to turn heads and no one will wonder what class your flying in these babies.

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Brown Python leather bag and matching hat

First class look


Made with the finest Python skin leather.

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