Top Ten Slaylebrity Giveaway Contestants

It’s been an exhilarating ride. With Only 7 days left to go these are the top ten contestants so far.

We are super excited to see who wins in 7 days.

Note, if you haven’t put up a profile picture in your slaylebrity page by the end of the 7 day countdown, your entry will be invalidated.

The winner can only go to a contestant who completed the compulsory steps 1 and 2, and a contestant who has a profile picture.

It is not too late to win the coveted $18,000 value VIP Slaylebrity giveaway.

To get more points you can try doing a Slaylebrity giveaway shoutout ( see the shoutout by Norah Hyseni in video for ideas).

Did you know you earn up to 50 points if you use your 30% coupon. ( if you haven’t got yours you need to have a profile picture on your Slaylebrity page to get it). The coupon will expire in 7 days as well.

To enter the giveaway click here

Best of luck guys.

Super excited to welcome a new VIP member to the most elite social network

Top Ten Slaylebrity Giveaway Contestants

Good luck

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