Diabolically Expensive: The Top 10 Google Keywords of 2023

Some of you who are stuck in mediocrity may think Google is just a search engine. Well, wake up, and smell the dollar-drenched truth! You’re sitting in front of one of the most potent revenue generators the digital cosmos has ever seen. The power of keywords is staggering, they run the game, my friend.

Let’s discuss the absolute wallet-burners. Those golden bytes that cash-flush advertisers pay a pretty penny for to sit atop Google’s SERPs empire. Here are the top 10 most affluently audacious Google keywords of 2023.

1. “Metaverse Real estate” – Virtual reality. The final frontier. The demand for digital parcels in popular metaverses is sky-high. This keyword is a tech titan, sizzling and swanky.

2. “Cryptocurrency Lawyer” – For you crypto miners and traders having a run-in with regulations in this decentralized wild west. High-risk, high-reward, isn’t it, folks?

3. “AI Development Services” – Technocrats are keen on transforming every speck of your business interactions and customer engagements with AI solutions, making this keyword a pricey prospect.

4. “Cybersecurity Solutions” – With the rise of remote work and cyber crimes, businesses are paying through the nose to secure this peace of mind, making it a solid gold keyword.

5. “Bionic Implants” – Welcome to the cyberpunk age, boys and girls. Companies are ready to shell out tons of cash to rank for this boomer of a keyword.

6. “Psychedelic Therapy” – No, this isn’t Woodstock warmed over. It’s the cutting edge of mental health treatment. Psychedelic therapy sessions are gaining mainstream approval. Now, that’s trippy!

7. “Quantum Computing Services” – For when overly developed silicon isn’t cutting it anymore, quantum is there, ready to teleport you into the future.

8. “NFT Consultants” – Our artsy brothers have migrated to the digital plane, and these consultants can help you stake your claim in it. A definite cash cow.

9. “Online Privacy Services” – In a world that’s more online than off, protecting one’s virtual presence is rightly valued.

10. “Space Tourism” – The final frontier is now just an Uber ride away. Or so it seems. The dreams of advertisers are as sky-high as their bids for this keyword.

Other super expensive notables include insurance, software, bail bonds, donate, hosting, trading, casino, conference and credit

It’s no wonder that those who are in Slaylebrity VIP niche profile investing club are killing it right now because they target only super high end keywords.

Let’s call a spade a spade here; these keywords are the uncut diamonds of Google AdWords. But remember, underdog, these aren’t magic pills for your business malaise. Blindly gunning for these high-ticket keywords without a solid strategy and deep pockets can leave you stranded!

You don’t become Slaylebrity-level successful by hurling your darts blindly, do you? Working smart, analyzing the terrain, and catching the waves before they rise. That’s the move, rookie!

Remember: hard work is important, but don’t forget to work smart too. Get into the keyword game, carve your niche, and let the world know you’re here to stay. Now, go make your fortune!








You're sitting in front of one of the most potent revenue generators the digital cosmos has ever seen

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