An ingenious concept of telling the time with words to your wrist, your wall or desktop. At first glance, it appears to be nothing more than a matrix of seemingly randomly arranged letters. Only the gentle touch of a button reveals IT IS HALF PAST EIGHT. Words are displayed at five-minute intervals, while four small dots give the precise time in minutes.

Concierge Prices:

Watch colors:

Fine Steel: €2440
Polished stainless steel: €1698
Brushed stainless steel: €1698
Black stainless steel: €1899
Brushed Snowflake stainless steel: €1968
Polished Snowflake stainless steel: €1968
Brushed gold stainless steel : €2238
Brushed Rose gold stainless steel: €2153

Wall colors:

Classic black ice tea: €2744
Classic vanilla sugar: €2744
Classic cherry cake: €2744
Classic lime juice: €2744
Classic frozen blackberry: €2744
Classic dark chocolate: €2744
Classic blue candy: €2744
Classic steel: €3436
Classic black pepper:€3160
Classic white pepper:€3160
Classic red pepper:€3160

Alarm clock/ table clock

Full metal: €1601
Black ice tea: €1475
Vanilla sugar: €1475
Cherry cake: €1475
Lime juice: €1475
Frozen blackberry: €1475
Dark chocolate: €1475
Blue candy: €1475

All prices include complimentary worldwide shipping.

Contact concierge at or Skype slaynetwork to get this.

It is impossible to categorize this work.

Each product is handmade in the beautiful south of Germany.

Autumn mood

Wall clock

Wall clock in vintage copper

Wall clock in copper

Alarm clock

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