I have all day to make you feel luxuriated

I am laying on my back in bed, with Bunny on top of me facing the ceiling. We are deliciously making love in this apartment by the sea. Her legs are open in butterfly position on top of mine, with her feet flat on the mattress. My left arm is holding her with my hand between her breasts. My right hand is extended all the way to her clit, which is this gorgeously erect mass of flesh. My fingers slide across both its sides as I move one finger playfully on top of its tip. My dick is inside of her, which probably explains why Bunny is moaning wildly and loud.

We are celebrating the new year’s holidays by the beach. Light sand, blue sea and no clouds in the sky. We are doing our morning run by the ocean. Bunny goes barefoot, and those tight pink sport leggings and matching top that she just bought make her look super hot.

I swear I cannot even see the underwear lines under her hot pants, it looks that perfect. I am running a few steps behind her, as if I was her bodyguard. Honestly, I am actually just enjoying the visual joy that her running figure projects. Her hair in a ponytail is bouncing from one side to the other. I see people of all kinds staring at her.

After running a few kilometers in between sea shells and lifeguard booths, we reach our destination. I see her stretch, and look at the muscular guys patrolling the beach.

“Look at that guy, he looks hot, but he’s probably the kind that will treat you badly”

is what I tell her as she points out a muscular and tough looking lifeguard next to us. “Let’s go home so that I can give you the spanking that you deserve for looking so sexy,” I add.

And with that we hug and kiss in front of everybody, as if to make the point that we are not just jogging partners. That hug and the sweet kisses that she gives me have the effect of giving me the beginning of an erection, which she feels and presses her leg against it.

We walk home holding hands. She is talking about her plans for the day. I am just quietly looking at her, planning my next move in our bed.

When we get home we take a quick shower together. As I pull down her tight hot pants I confirm my theory that she is not wearing any underwear.

“It would show, and I did not have any without seams…”

is her answer as I look at her with my quizzical smile. If my dick was halfway erect before, it now goes full on. We jump under the warm water and I use the excuse of soaping her up to caress all of her beautiful skin.

Her nipples harden to my touch, and get even harder when I kiss her. If you have never tried showering together you are missing one of the great pleasures in life. For the touch of your loved one under the water is a magnificent sensorial event for your fingers. There is no need for words.

I step out of the shower, dry myself and head to the bedroom. Bunny walks in a few seconds later and lays down next to me, to my left.

Since I am right handed, being on her right side is convenient for me. Our heads turn to each other and we restart our passionate kissing. My hands are everywhere, but so are hers. I start at her face, down her neck and past her soft breasts. After paying a little visit to her nips I head south. I thread past her belly button and all the way to her bush.

Bunny wears a landing strip, and I love it, especially for the guidance that it gives me. Because right at the landing spot starts the valley of her pleasure. The tip of her vulva opens to expose her clit, which is usually sleepy and protected under her labia. But when she is aroused her labia are engorged, and her clit is erect and exposed.

And here is where my fingers get to work. I have to be gentle, because I know that it is a sensitive area. So I go with soft caresses, just grazing its tip lightly. Bunny squeals a little and her legs move, letting me know that I am onto something.

And so goes our little hand and mouth play for a few minutes. She places her hand on mine and moves it down, to the entrance of her vagina. I play the seek and find game with one finger first, then two. In no time my fingertips are wet and I am painting her sex with her wetness. By now my erection is massive, as she discovers when she moves her hand down to reach me.

She stops the kissing, looks at me and turns around, presenting to me her delicious round perky ass. I know what she wants and with one hand I guide my rod to her entrance.

“Lower, you are in my ass!”

she giggles, which is not really a problem, yet the well of wetness is indeed a bit lower. I move my tip in and lock us into position. She starts to rock on my dick, moving her hips sensually and pushing me a tad deeper with every stroke. It is a beautiful dance. I place my hand under her neck and hold her face while I use the other to hold her hips.

It is nice to have her be the one that guides my dick all the way in. For once it plays to my feelings to know that she wants it so bad; on top I get this fantastic visual of the ins and outs. In no time I am all the way in, and she roars with arousal.

And that’s when we turn. I hold her as I rotate to be on my back, with her back on my belly and my dick all the way in. I hold her breasts with one hand while the other moves down to her landing strip and into the valley of pleasure.

She places her feet on the bed, while I start caressing her clit again. I can hear from her moaning that I am doing the right thing. She moves her hands up to hold on to the headboard. She is pushing down on my rod as I move in.

It is a symphony of sensations. The mixed smell of her hair, skin and wetness joins the feel of the soft, yet hard complexion of her nips and her clit. Her moaning sounds like angelic music to my ears and the view of us moving in synch that is reflected in the mirror is just heavenly.

I get in the flow, shoving it in, caressing her clit, playing with her nip, moving it out. Feeling her soft skin on top of me. From her moaning I know she is about to come, yet as if needing confirmation she tells me:

“Just like that, Teddy, you are going to make me cum, just like that!”

And like a jet flying overhead, her orgasm just reaches us out of nowhere. Her legs spasm, her hand grabs my hand, for it is just too much touching now. I feel her pussy contract on my dick and move my other hand to hold her by the neck. I stop thrusting for a second or two, just enough to let her catch her breath.

And then, as she opens her legs, I start our little dance again. For the day is young and we have nothing else planned for this morning…


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








I have all day to make you feel luxuriated

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