We’re already two days into the new year, but a few people are still reflecting on the craziness that was 2017. Last year was undoubtedly chock-full of scandalous news and music beefs that there were almost too many to count. But lucky for us, Uncle Murda just released his nine-minute track “Rap Up 2017,” summarizing the year in music and pop culture. His track didn’t hold anything back and actually fired shots at a number of your favorite artists.
Uncle Murda didn’t waste any time taking a jab at Usher and his alleged herpes scandal. As we all know, the Confessions singer was accused of exposing and infecting a number of women to the STD virus. But Uncle Murda took it a step further by ad-libbing his thoughts on the matter. The rapper first name-dropped the singer in the first verse, rapping, “I’m just happy Usher ain’t give that herpes to Chilli.” Then he mentioned him a second time. “Usher got an STD you can’t cure with a pill (you nasty),” he spits. 

Another victim of his explosive track was Nicki Minaj. Very early on in the song, Uncle Murda discusses Nicki’s relationships with Meek Milland Nas, as well as her suspected beef with Cardi B. “Cardi B on her heels though, I know Nick feeling it / Three records on the Billboard, Cardi B killing it (She lit) / You ain’t gotta say it Nicki, I know / You been doing that, Cardi got a long way to go (OK, Nicki),” he raps. He also throws in a wild line about Nicki’s brother, who was recently convicted of child rape, rapping, “Tell Nicki Minaj brother, ‘Don’t drop the soap.”
Other highlights include Uncle Murda’s commentary about Migos and Joe Budden’slittle scuffle at the BET Awards, Lil B getting jumped, Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s marriage and calling R. Kelly a “pedophile.”
Relive the craziest moments of 2017 on Uncle Murda’s explosive track “Rap Up 2017” below. 

By BET Jessica McKinney

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