This Is Why I Regret My Marriage: A Fractured Bond in a World of Possibilities

Greetings, Warriors.

Life is a battlefield, and the spoils of victory are reserved for those willing to fight tooth and nail for their desires. This is slay motivation and I’m here to tell you about the harsh realities of a decision that, while often romanticized, can be a vortex of regret and missed opportunities; that’s right, I’m talking about marriage.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to bash the sanctity of commitment or belittle the idyllic dreams most men have of a picture-perfect family life. But I’ve lived this life on my own terms, and I can tell you from the deepest pits of my soul: Marriage can be a grave miscalculation, a deviation from the structure of true freedom and greatness.

Picture this: A man on fire, a relentless pursuer of his personal kingdom. His empire-building mindset was razor-sharp, unyielding. Then, in a moment of human vulnerability, he allowed himself to be shackled by the societal construct of marriage. It was, for lack of a better term, a massive detour on his conquest for ultimate supremacy.

Understand this, gentlemen: Marriage is not merely a union of love. It’s a binding contract that often requires you to relinquish a part of your core identity, your ambition, your freedom. It demands compromises, sacrifices, and sometimes even your very soul. And this Man who will give his own account below is living it—he experienced the descent from the uncompromising heights of a vibrant, unrestrained existence into the mundane abyss of marital conformity.

He regrets his marriage because it clipped his wings. It enclosed him in a cage painted with beautiful illusions of stability but concealing the rust of routine and monotony. The very essence of his being—freedom, power, and unrelenting pursuit—was forced to bend at the whims of another. His pursuit of greatness suddenly had to negotiate its path.

And let’s talk about the flip side—the cost. The emotional toll of trying to maintain an equilibrium between his passions and the demands of a marital life was staggering. The countless hours spent attempting to validate his choices, to explain his vision, to compromise on issues that shouldn’t even have been contested. His empire, which once soared high on the winds of his unshackled ambition, felt the drag of this bind.

Marriage, in our society, is portrayed as the ultimate commitment, a symbol of a settled life. But let me tell you, the true essence of life rests in its unpredictability, in the wild pursuit of impossible dreams, in the refusal to settle for mediocrity. And marriage, more often than not, acts as the shackles binding you to an ordinary existence.

To every man or woman reading this, questioning whether to step into this societal trap disguised as a sacred union, take it from someone who’s been to the mountain top and back—think a thousand times. Are you prepared to exchange a portion of your limitless potential for a semblance of stability? Are you ready to let go of the exhilarating rush of unrestricted ambition for the monotony of marital life? Are you certain this person you are about to marry will not eat your soul?

Look at me – a person who’s tasted both sides of the spectrum, and heed my words. Live for the conquest, strive for the pinnacle of greatness, and never, ever let anything or anyone restrict your flight. If your partner is not on the same page ABORT before it’s too late.

I am Slay Motivation concierge , and this story below of a shattered soul is your revelation.

Stay relentless. Stay free. Stay unbound.



I am a 26 years old, working in IT. I got married 8 months ago. There are two sides to my marriage.

One that is talked about fervently on social media platforms, on WhatsApp family groups and with work friends as well. We write lofty messages, congratulate each other on small things, post candid pictures
and vow to be with each other till death do us part. My wife is well followed on social media. She enjoys the attention we get. She proudly proclaims the likes our pictures get. She declares us to be the best couple that she knows and people second her.

The other side of the marriage is when there is no one watching. ‘Is this the amount of money you want to give me? Can’t you earn more for your wife? Are you, even a man?’ My wife LOVES spending money on… well, anything. From trinkets to fancy clothes, there is just about everything that must be bought. Regular trips are a must where we must spend generously on food and comfort. Towards the end of every month, when a large chunk of my salary has gone for her whims, she tells me that I don’t make enough. She threatens to leave me as well. In my previous post people have asked me to talk to her or stand up to her [a particular commenter correctly pointed out that this has got nothing to do with being a man but being an Indian man, it makes things a tad bit harder].

My mother is a heart-patient, due for her surgery in a month. Any threat or news of us being separated (which has happened twice already) sends her into a frenzy. I cannot do anything to endanger the marriage. I tried and failed miserably looking at my mother.
My wife also hates doing ANY kind of work. ‘You should feel fortunate that I married you. I am the most beautiful woman in our town.'(She isn’t. Not to me anymore.)
Want to know more? She has got not just me, but everyone around her to agree to everything she says. Whoever doesn’t listen to her AND agree with her, is condemned as a harasser or an idiot. She would wear the most horrendous make-up and her father (his story is for another time/answer/epic) would nod sheepishly and say that she looks pretty. Because if he doesn’t, what would ensue is thirty hours of melodrama which no living man has the capacity to endure. The same goes for me. She would write the cringiest messages or posts which I absolutely detest (also because they are untrue) but I would smile and say, ‘Amazingly written!’ She made me leave all my friends because they started pointed genuine problems with her. ‘Hey! Hey! That temper will make life hard! I think we should all chill…’ ‘I hate Kedar! How dare he ask me to control my temper? I will get angry when I want!’
She will hold me close and ask me, ‘Are you happy with me?’ I must reply with a yes and a nod. That is so practised by now that I don’t need to think to do it. If I dare say anything else, even wait to reply, mayhem marches supreme.

Oh I can go on all day about this, but here is some fucking solid advice for folks (men and women both) wanting to marry.
1) If there are red flags, investigate! I did not do so in my case because I thought love triumphs all. But marriage is not about these shitty rhetorics. It is two personalities meeting. Red flags (like being sexist, pseudo-feminist etc.) should always be noted.
2) Listen to friends and siblings. I got my dose of advice. I ignored because of the above stated rhetoric. Don’t make that mistake.
3) If you really want to do something in the arts (which is my dream as well), marry someone who understands your art or at least respects it. Mine says, ‘If you are done fucking around with your piano, can you give me some attention?’
4) Make your priorities VERY clear. I wasn’t clear on mine because I thought it will come along later. No. If your weekend treks are a must, tell it to them and get them to swear on that before getting married.
5) Have a let-out. Slaylebrity is becoming my let-out and helping me in some way by venting. A human is far better. Find your spirit human, animal whatever.
Thank you for reading. This really helped










Marriage can be a grave miscalculation, a deviation from the structure of true freedom and greatness. Marriage is not merely a union of love. It's a binding contract that often requires you to relinquish a part of your core identity, your ambition, your freedom. It demands compromises, sacrifices, and sometimes even your very soul.

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