Kim Kardashian West is known for her killer makeup skills. With a beauty line of her own, and a large following that watches her every contour line, she’s got a wealth of knowledge about all things beauty.
When it comes to her two daughters, North and Chicago, though, Kardashian has one tip that she prioritizes above all others.

Kardashian took to her app to reveal the most important beauty tip she’ll pass along to North and Chi, and it’s actually short and simple.

“Always be confident in the look you’re wearing,” she wrote. “Be you!”
Fans who might wish for a more utilitarian tip can look to Kardashian once again because in the same post the reality star revealed the best beauty tip she ever learned from her mom, Kris Jenner.

“Always wash your face with a hot washcloth to help exfoliate the skin,” she wrote.
When you look great (thanks to exfoliation) and feel great (thanks to confidence), that’s a recipe for success.

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Always be confident in the look you’re wearing, Be You!

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