It’s nearly that time of year: summer. The time when we get to prance around in flirty frocks and ripped jean shorts like it’s nobody’s business. In the heat of summer, anything goes and we savour the season’s sartorial splendour as we drift from patio party to white wedding.
But excitement can turn to panic when the invitation’s dreaded dress code appears, instructing us that it’s “casual-chic.” How confusingly paradoxical! Doesn’t “casual” refer to clothing like jeans, khaki pants and cotton T-shirts, while chic implies something tailored, sophisticated and fashion forward?
The task of putting all these images together is enough for anyone to be anxiously seeking advice from their nearest clothing consultant.

What does casual-chic mean? We’re here to cut through the ambiguity. Taken together, this term means smart and sophisticated. Elegant, but not overdone. Tailored, but not too traditional. Pairing work with play, casual with dressy doesn’t take a large budget; just a keen eye and some great accessories.

This slay adidas inspired casual chic look from slay my look is beyond everything.

Embellished adidas inspired shirt dress
Includes complimentary choker.

Colors: olive green or black
Size: M-L/ UK 6-12

Price: $340.2
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.


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Hot Concierge styling tip

We recommend Vivian by slay my hair, red illuminators or black Slaylebrity by slay my shades

Something fashion forward

Keeping it Ambiguous but not overly complicated

This ensemble is all about being chic yet casual

Opting for the oversized dress look

The paradoxical way of looking put-together without being overdone.

Fashion is whatever you say it is

Don't be like the rest of them darling

If you want to be original be ready to be copied

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