Something about the gooeyness of an egg inside an avocado is enough to make any brunch-goer drool with delight. But what’s the easiest way to take this dish to the next level of drool-worthiness? Wrap it in multiple strips of bacon and fry it, of course! Yes, we realize we’re kind of taking away most of the health benefits of avocado, but we all know bacon makes everything better. And when you crack open the bacon-wrapped avocado, the soft-boiled egg inside oozes out for the perfect breakfast surprise.

Total Time: 20 minutes
Yield: 1
* 1 extra-large avocado
* 1 medium-sized egg
* 3-7 strips bacon
* Plastic wrap or cling film

Watch the clip below by chef club UK for step by step instructions.


Source: By chef club uk

We know you can't wait to gobble it up

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