Let’s be real: everyone has. Overeating is suuuper normal. It’s actually pretty unrealistic to expect to never overeat, ever. No one eats exactly when they’re hungry and stops exactly when they’re full every. single. time. they eat. But, it’s also not a fun feeling, right?! Overeating can make you feel uncomfortable, tired and even guilty. If this sounds familiar, keep reading

One of the most important things you can do after overeating is to acknowledge that it happened and check in with how you feel. Are you totally overstuffed after eating pizza with friends? Check in with that feeling. And next time you get pizza with friends, you’ll remember more easily to check in with your fullness at slice 2 or 3. Being more aware of how you feel this one time will help you eat more mindfully in the future and prevent that uncomfortable, overeating feeing