“Mom! Can you come here?” I had just sat down on the couch after working all day, helping with homework, making and cleaning up dinner with my husband, taking out the dog, packing lunches, folding laundry… So my response was, “No!”
I thought my son was calling me to look at a LEGO creation he was working on, but a bit later, on my way to the bathroom, he looked at me with a pouty lip and said, “I was going to ask you for a hug.” I’ve told him before that I’d never turn down an offer or request for a hug, no matter what. Was he working me? Maybe. Would I have gotten up if he’d shouted down the hallway, “Mom, can you come give me a hug?” Absolutely. I’m a total sucker for it. There are some things kids want that every great mom just can’t say no to. Are you a sucker for any of these 5 things?

1. Buying a Book
Every time that Scholastic Books flier comes home in their school folders, I get hit up for another eight-dollar book. I can’t say no when they flip through those thin pages and circle the books that have piqued their interest. When you think of all the things kids want or ask for—candy in the checkout line, money to spend in Roblox—a request for a book is refreshing. The same thing goes for “Can I read for a few more minutes?” If my kids ask to stay up late because they can’t put down a book, the answer will usually be a yes.

2. “Just One More” Hug/Kiss/Tuck
For about two years, my younger son would get out of bed five to 10 times after being tucked in. He’d peek out from the hallway and say, “I just need to ask you something.” When I asked what it was, he’d stare at me and then smirk. He just wanted another hug. I’d oblige and send him back to bed, knowing there was a chance I’d see him again in three minutes. Great moms know there’s always time for one more hug or kiss, even at the end of a long day.

Great moms know there’s always time for one more hug or kiss, even at the end of a long day.

3. Helping With Hair
I can’t speak for moms of girls, but when my son asks me to help him get his hair just right, I melt a little. He’s starting to care about how he looks and that’s worth putting aside whatever I’m doing. Whether it’s ironing a shirt, straightening out a bow, or buying that more expensive acne wash, when our kids reach out for help with their appearance, attention from us can be a big confidence booster.

4. “Can I go outside and play?”
And not be in front of a screen? Yes! Every time the little boy from next door comes over and asks if the boys can come out and play, I smile. I’m willing to overlook chores or something else that can wait until after the streetlights come on if my kids want to ride their bikes or play with Nerf guns in the front yard.

5. A Glass of Chocolate Milk
A glass of milk with Hershey’s syrup stirred in feels like childhood in a glass. Unless you’re lactose intolerant, chocolate milk probably conjures up thoughts of sweetness and playfulness. I want those things for my kids for as long as possible, so unless it’s 10 minutes before bedtime, my answer will be yes. Is your childhood indulgence an ice cream cone after a day at the beach? A round of ski ball at the arcade? Some of the things kids want remind us of our own innocence and our yeses are good for the soul.
What kind of things kids want and ask for do you have a hard time saying no to and why?

What is one thing you do as a kid that you want to keep doing when you’re an adult?

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By Imom

ASK YOUR CHILD... What is one thing you do as a kid that you want to keep doing when you’re an adult?

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