The zero calorie diet

The 3-7 day water diet, a fad diet, was created in the 1980s by an unknown individual and is still frequently used today. This diet is meant to be used for achieving quick and short-term weight loss goals. The 3-day water diet involves low calorie dieting. A dieter should simply drink nothing but water for three days. There are no food nor diet pills involved in the 3-day water diet. With water free and easily accessible, many have turned to the water diet for a quick weight loss fix.

The Diet
The 3-day water diet requires the dieter to take in nothing but water for three days straight. By drinking plenty of water, dieters nourish muscles, decrease bloating, maintain a feeling of being full and help prevent the buildup of fat according to Mackie Shilstone, author of “The Fat Burning Diet.” The 3-day water diet also serves as a detoxifying system. As a dieter takes in nothing but water, he can expect to flush out all of the unwanted toxins that have accumulated in his system.

Science Behind the Diet
According to the Institute for Psychoactive Research, the theory behind the 3-day water diet is cold water causes the body to create heat. When cold water is ingested, the body will burn off extra calories in order to warm the water to the body’s normal temperature 98.6 degrees. The colder the water, the harder the body has to work in order to stay warm. Thus, burning more calories. By drinking water, a dieter is less likely to notice that they are hungry. Water causes a full feeling without eating.

The Pros
The number one issue that separates the 3-day water diet from other diets is its costs and accessibility. Everyone has access to water and the only cost of water is a dieter’s monthly water bill; as result, anyone can give this diet a try. The 3-day water diet can cause a dieter to lose 3 to 5 lbs. of water weight in just a few days. The 3-day water diet is generally used for special occasions where individuals would like to drop a few pounds quickly.

The Cons
The 3-day water diet is a yoyo diet (which is losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight, etc.) and is not to be used more than three days at a time. Yoyo dieting is not a good habit to get into. A majority of individuals who participate in a 3-day water diet are very likely to regain all weight lost. The 3-day water diet is also not for those suffering from serious illness or recovering from any type of surgery. There are dangers to starving one’s self. A lack of vitamins can lead to the breakdown of muscles, cause blood sugar complications, lead to diabetes or dehydration. Water dieting also causes the urge for frequent urination.


According to the Institute of Psychoactive Research, no research has been completed on the 3-day water diet. The only backings to success of the 3-day water diet are Internet testimonials. A middle-aged man from Arizona has claimed to lose nearly 10 lbs. per month by using the 3-day water diet monthly in conjunction with healthy eating and exercise the remainder of the month. By integrating the 3-day Water diet, individuals have indicated they have lost 50 to 70 lbs. in one year. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the concept behind the 3-day diet is largely rejected by mainstream physicians, dietitians, and the American Heart Association. Studies yield that weight cannot be lost by forgoing food. Opponents of this diet find that food is necessary in order to lose weight.

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The water diet is meant to be used for achieving quick and short-term weight loss goals.

The zero calorie diet

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The zero calorie diet

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The zero calorie diet

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