This Royal Coffee Maker, from Royal Paris, is possibly the world’s most extravagant coffee maker. The coffee maker is Handcrafted in 24-karat gold or silver, using crystal and semi-precious stone.

Evolved through countless sketches and hours of model clay forming, each Royal has been meticulously conceived by French artists, sculptors, metallurgists and engineers.

Handcrafted by Paris-born Master Sculptor Jean Luc Rieutort, each Royal can consume more than 50 hours of workmanship — depending on the options chosen.
Having graduated from the Centre de Formation Technologique of Gambetta, Paris and receiving formation of Silversmith at L’ecole d’art Applique of Boulle, Paris, Jean Luc specialises in traditional hand-forming of precious metals and in the meticulous chiseling of details. Each machine has to be individually tested through it’s own unique brewing process, due to the differences in weight and form characterised by each machine.

So How does the coffee taste?

Simply put – it’s coffee for kings. Brewed at the perfect temperature with no artificial filters, and no place for the aromatic oils to escape, the resulting brew is crystal clear with unrivalled aroma and flavour.
It is the only coffee maker that allows for customised coffee or tea with the ability to add liqueurs and spices before the brew.

And as the world’s first bespoke coffee maker – it can be personalised too. Choose from 24-karat gold, copper or silver options, and a semi-precious black obsidian, azurite or malachite base, with or without your engraved initials, company name, or family crest.

Lead time for your order.
As a boutique atelier Parisian craftsmen hand-tailor up to ten Royal machines each month. The coffee makers are currently booked with commissions until the beginning of December and operate a typical lead time  between six to eight weeks. By placing your order now, you secure your place in-line for this highly coveted prestigious luxury coffee maker.

Concierge Price: $36,532
Contact Concierge at to get it.

A 24-karat gold, semi-precious syphon brewer

With a Royal coffee maker everything is possible

Royal bespoke commissioning

Because Gold is the new black

An uncanny Attention to detail

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